Sunday, May 30, 2010


Great. i looked at my desktop calender,

29 may 2010.

i let off a sigh of relief,

"at least i still have 3 days, and i have 3 posts to do"

so i started to tap on my keyboards,
slow and study, feeling contented and relieved.
damn. now suddenly my fingers were like typing faster than a speeding bullet. haha
so yeah i have 3 more posts to go and i have 2 days left.. wat the tooot.. am i gonna make it in time? well, its worth trying. hahahaha


honestly, i did not really see anything new recently, but since they asked about something i love, i guess "recently" could just be neglected. haha

well well, 3 things i READ, SEEN or LISTENED TO that i love are:

#1 lemony snicket's series of unfortunate events series.

well yeah i totally love the series. the books are all full of mysteries and suspense, they did try to make a movie out of the book, but i guess reading is much more interesting for it allows you to imagine bout the characters and the storyline with your own desire. what is it about? well check the summary by clicking on this link.

#2 To shoot an elephant.

well like the previous posts , told you that im very active and i put the gaza issue as one of my biggest concern. well, to me this site has certainly helped me alot in understanding the life styles of the gaza people. sometimes what you see in the news differs than the situation itself so i highly recomended my friends to look this website up.. actually,

"To shoot an elephant" is an eye witness account from The Gaza Strip. December 27th, 2008, Operation Cast Lead. Urgent, insomniac, dirty, shuddering images from the only foreigners who decided and managed to stay embedded inside Gaza strip ambulances, with Palestinian civilian."

so to me this site is really cool. you guys should give it a try by clickin here...


(hahahaha im laughing my heads off dude haha)

man i really think that this site is totally awesome when i dont have anything to do or even if im in a gloomy mode, this site totally makes my day. they have this team doing videos, comic strips and stuff, potraying life's reality , movie parodies and even game parodies.. they are really funny and just the awesome-est (mind my grammer) comedy team ever. check them out here


Right so these are my "must do", "must have" and "must see" list. haha

#1 i want to maintain my body weight. ever since winter i started gaining.. jeez.
#2 i would score for my exams.. and trust me it aint easy to be fullfilled.
#3 i would go for my umrah. bought the tickets. yeeha..
#4 i want a nice long beard to make me more "arabic" .. haha ive started letting them grow.

well thats basically what i could think of right now. i dont really have the massive plan for this year. to me its been quite a tough and striving year. lets just hope it turns out well. and yes i know my to do list is BORING!


Woah!!! outfists great. well i have a very weird taste thats what my friends say. but i guess im unique haha. well honestly the 4 seasons here influences my way of dressing up, but i guess the winter wear is the best outfit off all, its cool, and its trendy, the snow that falls just gives it a perfect touchup..:)

WINTER here is really cold (it is called winter haha) at times it drops to negative digits and the snow falls.. soo we had to really find good clothes not just for fashion but also to protect your body from extreme chill

usually i go with:






but if we go out to play the snow, we choose to be rather simple and sporty..:)

like this :


My top gadgets would be:

#1 My MacBook Pro

this lappy seems to be my saviour in almost everything, i blog with this, i go online with this, i play games with it, i chat, i video call, i do assignment, i do EVERYTHING with it. so yeah. enough said. im sure you all understand how important is a laptop nowadays. hahaha

#2 My N-96

I know its not that latest but, i enjoy it, i used it for almost a year now, it helps me connect, it helps me take emergency pictures , it also helps me during the boring lectures. so yeah! thank you N-96....

#3 My PSP

A psp is almost like having your televisyen set equipped with a play station. my psp helps me to ease my mind when things get to hectic. i like to refer it to my portable playground. i mean almost everywhere i could have a decent game of ASSASINS CREED and PROTOYPE.. man i love my psp. without you im a worthless boring jerk hahahahaha...

so yeah i guess these are practically my basic favorites. i do have more in mind, but since i have less than one day and 2 more posts to go. i guess i'll stop here then..


till we meet again.. [-_-]
Op uLyA aQaMaH BiN Op HuSaMuDiN

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