Sunday, May 30, 2010

whats the brand gurlz????

BRANDY me???

well,, i f u ask me bout brands and its importance,, well,, nope,, nada,, coz for me,, as long as im comfortable with the products,, then its fine by me,, coz sumtym,, the brand is just to mark up the price instead of mark up the quality,, but yes cant deny,, some of really branded products,, its quality is TIPTOP,, no argue with that,, =p in all,, for me to MUST HAVE a branded products means STUPID if it will cause u MORE than what u AFFORD,, if wear APPLEMINTS jeans and MNG (MANGO) blouses will left me with only RM10 for the month to eat,, i rather trade all that for food,,, =p but to sumtym have those branded products,, its not a fault at all,, again,, as long as u afford it,,;D

hurm,, for me one of the brand that i say,, showing the youth style,, well,, i prefer B.U.M products,,
y?? well,, because most of it clothes,, jeans are custom made for younger generation,,
and the bags,, are also in the same stream,, reflects teenagers..
i have quite a few bags from this brands,, because i like the style.. so fill with youthness,,hehe

1. Etude House make ups

i love it becuse it really gives natural effects,, and very light,, very simple,, make us more younger,,
very suitable for teenagers i say,,=p

2. Applemints
love it because the jeans are very comfotable,, easy going and stylish,, VERY stylish,,hehe

3. Esprit

well.. i love this one,, because,, its blouses, shirt are very simple,, yet,, has its stylish way,,, and it seems so very comfy,,
got one shirt this brand,, thanks to my sis,,hehe,, cant afford to buy it myself,, TOO EXPANSIVE

4. Dutch Lady

well,, because its not TOO SOUR,, and its very YUMMY,,, i was sort of addicted to it especially during the tym i used to have a part tym job as a cashier,, every nyte,, i'll buy this yogurt,, and eat it on the way back home,,hehe

5. Carlorino

i love it because,, its very ladies like,, and its teens fashion are very stylish,,
not all carlorino bags are for career women k,,

6. Celcom UPAX
very2 LOVE this one,, coz its very cheap,, hehe,, only 1/2 cents for messages between 8PAX frens,,

7. Voir

well,, like applemints,, VOIR jeans,, are very comfy too,,

8. Sony Ericson
i LOVE sony ericson style,, its very up to date,, and its very suitable for ladies and teens,,

9. RFC

well,, love this one because its the ONLY FAST FOOD that i have no doubts about it at all,,=p

10. Munchys- Lexus

 hurm,, LOVE this one because,, its yummy,,hehe,, well,, addicted to it actually,, can finish all 12 sachets,, between days,, used to be my brekfers, lunch and dinner,,=p



well,, i love the etude house commercial because,, its quite,, funny,, POYO sket la,,but,, very enjoyable,,
the brands commercial,, i love Choo Hou Ran,, n i love the song,,=p

last but not least,, well,, i dun really av anytin in mind that i wud be emberassed to wear,, or use,, if i think of sumtin i'll repost later,, and in selecting the products i prefer to use,, it is totally influence by religion,, because,, even BAJU RAYA is more to sumting religious rite?? besides not all products are HALAL,,,=p

and i used to get new infos of the products from commercial on tv and sumtym from the internet,,,=p

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