Sunday, May 30, 2010

sharing is caring~~

what i care is what i share,,~
well,,, i dun noe how to begin this actually,,, coz,, i cant focus to what i love the best,, since i love almost everytin..hahaha
so im goin to be more stret4ward,,

what i've seen:
1.little KITTY growing up,,,
me and my hole family is a ct lover,, since ever i was born,, so i have like series of cats and kittens that borned, survived, lost, and found at my home,, total up i think if every single one still alive, it wud be like almost 100 by now,, but what i share with people is not the no of how much depending on our money for their whiskas,,hehe but one thing that i was like WOWand felt blessed for keeping and taking care of these felines is that i get to see how they grow up,, from the moment they were born (my cat give birth little kitties, TWICE on MY BED with me SLEEPING beside her!!) woke up with feelink,, urm,, "ape kucing ak wat nih???" then,, i got to see the moment the little kitties open their eyes, start walking, start eating, start playing, start biting, start using their nails,, gosh,, its a MIRACLE of LIFE for me,, wud never missed it for the world,,

2. BABY CROC,, DIANA,,hehe
well,, y wud i love to share this with people?? because i love crocs,,and DIANA is a baby croc that bred in ZOO MELAKA and i got to touch her and have picture with her during my family holiday years back,,,haha,, weird is it?? well,, here it is,, my deepest darkest little secret,,, since i was a little gurl,, i have been dreaming,, about some sort of scary place,, where i am surrounded by water,, almost like a calm foggy river,, and there was a croc that just about to attack me,, and i was like "AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"
but then,, nothing happen,, (of cos la im in a dream,,hehe but dats not the real y,,continue reading pliz! =p) just about i was like <-> dis cloce to got eaten, a white croc saved my life,, it was a reoccuring dream,, and i am pretty OBSESSED with crocs since then n until now,,kyaaa~
FYI; a white croc does exist,, only in real life we call it an ALBINO CROCS..=p

3. see MYLOVE asleep,,
well,, its not such a big deal,, for u guys perhaps,,but for me.. it is,, everytym i see my mom,, dad,, sis,, or anybody that i love and close to fall asleep,, i have sort of cozy feelinks,, very comfort,, safe,, and secure,, =p
so,, try looking for that comfort when the eyes of those u love is titely close,, always found mine..

so,, well thats the story,, now compare to what ive seen or have,, here comes,, what i MUST SEE, MUST DO and MUST HAVE lists,,,=p

1. Prince of Persia,
2. Robin Hood
3. Iron man 2
4. Rapunzel,
5. my frenz marriage, hubby, children or A.K.A families..
6. Niagara Fall
7. Dark Sky
8. my love one happiness
9. MORE magical Places,, (heaven on earth)
10. my frens looks after 40 years from now,

1. a gud daughter,
2. a great Muslimah
3. must get cgpa 3.5 no matter what
4. strive harder and harder
5. go to cal poly pomona and be success there
6. arrange more reunion parties,,
7. be more patience
8. fall in love again?? hehe..
9. play hard to get

1. money for college,,=p
3. Sony Ericson,, AINO,,=p
4. new lptop,,:p
5. ladies nyte,, guys not allowed!!
6. fashion boots,, more fashion boots,, + more,,hehe


well,, im not such big in fashion but,,
 all i love is that,,
long shirts / blouses + long jeans=simple
like this below

of course im not as pretty as her la,, just dis stlye is my simple stlye,,=p


1. my purse,, a carlorino purse,, mom gave it to me,, a girlish one,, got all my important stuff in it,, LOVE IT

2. my ring,, i love it because it is very significant to me,,=p

3. my comics collections,,, well,, this is my treasure,,haha

4. my applemints jeans,, i love it,, coz it fits me well?? NO,, just LOVE wearing it,,hehe

5. my nset,, love it coz it stores all my precious msgs, pictures, songs,,huhu

much more,, will update if i think of some more,,,

*in travelling mode rite now,, will be uploading pictures later on,,=p

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