Friday, May 21, 2010

#3 Ambition and Success ; Aisyah Pahmi

Hayley Williams's Airplanes.

Well HELLO again! :)
Hope everyones having the time of their life and savouring each moment ;)

I feel that I should be true when I write in this blog. That I shouldn't cover anything up and just be myself. I hope that no one thinks that I'm a brat and snobby because truthfully, I am not. I am just a mere human being and I try to be the best I can, just like all of you :)

Success and achievement stories ;
My first achievement that I could remember of is knowing how to ride a bike! Haha! That was when I was six :)

The first achievement to me was, contributing that I want to be a business-woman, was opening a stall selling drinks and floats for Hari Tunas Usahawan with my classmates when I was 10 years old. That was when I realized that I love doing business.

I continued opening stalls for several Hari Tunas Usahawan until now when there is one in school. Today, I have a blogshop (excuse it for being not so impressive heh heh) selling clothes, bags, accessories, practically things that I like. I make cupcakes, brownies and cookies (made to order) and until now, I have participated in 2 bazaars outside of school and planning to do more, especially in malls. As for our mini company in school(SMK Seksyen 5 Wangsa Maju), the Young Entrepreneurs program, I am the Managing Director for this year hehe :)

Education-wise. I have received the title Tokoh Murid for when I was in standard six and have achieved straight A's for UPSR and PMR. SPM has yet to come.

Defining a 'successful person' ;
Success is a huge word. Even achieving a short-term target like knowing how to open a can drink could be called a success har har har :D
In my opinion, the person should excel in so many ways in his/her life from education(kerana seseungguhnya ilmu itu pelita hidup), achievements out of school/college/uni, their maturity, the way they think of life and their perception, their relationship with God and the people around and yes of course, the person must be happy. I mean, how does the person even feel accomplished if he ain't smiling?

High status and money isn't everything in life and that is definitely not how I define a successful person.

Ambitions ;
One of the most important thing to me is being happy in life. Two, I would love to have a family and three, I want to be a business-woman even if not forever, a few years can do me good.

For the next year :
1. Driving license!
2. 9 A+'s for SPM
3. Get my blogshop famous
4. Get flowing orders for bakes
5. Play basketball better and enter tournaments
6. Kumpul duit yang secukupnya untuk masa depan

For the next five years (I'd be 21 by then) :
1. In college/university taking up whatever I desire or most probably business
2. Start thinking about getting married hehehe
3. If possible, try to open up my own shop! A cafe will do me great too!

Lifetime :
2. Reach my business target and will probably stop because ;
3. Be married and have children :)


Aisyah Pahmi.

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