Friday, May 21, 2010

second part of family :)

sorry for the delayed. im bz with some stuft that i need to do.

my family means a lot to me. they supported me all the way since im a small little girl :D i have one brother and one sister which make me the lil sis to them since im the youngest. hahahaha. but being the youngest one is not always fun to be. trust me. family member will be more protective towards the youngest. i heve been in that situation and it will always remain the same :D my father rarely spend time with us at home because he always work outstation or overseas ( of course we understand it was for the sake of our family ) . that makes me and my siblings closer to my mom. we're more comfartable to talk with my mom about anything but theres a limit. we all know what we "the limit" i meant. hahahaha. theres a big gap of age btween me and my brother. he is 8 years older than me and my sister only 2 years older than me. definetely im closer to my sister. well, she's a " sister " . what do you expect? haha. girls stuft to talk about. heheh. like my sis said "I miss talking to my sister. she would start telling me something, then i would say something completely different, then she continue with her story, and I continue mine. Then in the end we know 2 completely different stories from each other. It feel so right and nice. i guess no one get this." during that moment. i laughed loudly ! hahaha! i never get bored of it :)

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