Sunday, May 23, 2010

#4 Work and Money ; Aisyah Pahmi

Just stop for a little while,
take a look, see,
and think.

How important is money?
Oh penting, penting tapi bukanlah benda paling penting dalam dunia. I don't die or cry if I don't have enough money. Money is always around, it's just the matter of looking for it and earning it.

I get money from of course, my parents since I am yet sixteen. I get school money which is RM4 per day and I save up from there. I don't get more than that unless I ask for some to buy stuff for school and all. Other than that, I too get a little bit money from my little business of cupcakes and this,

Save up versus buying straightaway.
I usually save up and wait till I found the best one there is. But sometimes I could be an impulsive shopper too. And when that happens, it's bizzarely dangerous haha. But good thing is, it rarely happens :)

Having strong work ethic and give your best when working is definitely important. Wait, this might be easier to write in Bahasa since a lot of essay topics in BM are concerning this :P
Dalam zaman era globalisasi yang sentiasa maju dan sentiasa bergerak pantas, adalah penting dan wajar agar kita cuba untuk mendahului orang lain. Ini adalah kerana saingan adalah sangat sengit dan jika kita tidak berusaha, there is no doubt we will be left out.

The current economic climate.
I guess no, it hasn't effected me and my family that much. And no again, it doesn't interrupt my outlook on the future, YET.

Coolest jobs and the uncoolest jobs.
Well that depends on the person's perception.
To me, the coolest job would be a mother. And the a business-woman and umm, a fashion director.
Uncoolest job would be not having any job ahahaha :D

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