Sunday, May 23, 2010

It could be wrong

Yusuf Islam's Months in Islam (on repeat)

Greetings fellow earthlings. Today, I shall talk about social networking and our means of communicating with friends.

Oh yes! Social networking... I have been using FB for the past three years to communicate with family and friends especially the ones that I barely see. I do have a Twitter account but I don't really know how it works and I don't feel like using it that much. Hehe.

My baby. Haha. I bought this before I went to UIA a year ago with my own money. :D

Besides using FB to communicate with people, I tend to use SMS more than any other means of communication. Though it ain't free but I prefer to text people on phones as its easier and I can do it anywhere. Texting nowadays are cheap too with Hotlink's Youth Club!

For me, FB makes my life both easier and worse at the same time. Its easier to use FB when it comes to communicating and socializing and all. But when you're too caught up with it, you tend to forget other things. Leka sangat main FB sampai tinggal solat, tak buat homeworks, and etc.

Check my social networking sites, and fill free la if you wanna add and all.
Most of my friends on these sites are my real-life friends. There are a few (less than 20?) whom I've never met before but that's it. Like I've said before I don't add up strangers because I don't feel as if I can trust them.

I prefer to see people and talk to them face-to-face rather than to meet up online. Safety comes first people...

Whatever it is, think of your safety first. No matter who you met, how long you've been talking to each other, people can always lie to you. SAFETY COMES FIRST!

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