Saturday, May 22, 2010

7th Days

Which are your favorite TV shows and how do you watch them (TV, Youtube, download, friend, stream)?

One of my favorites from Disney is I'm In the Band.

 A korean reality show. Two Days One Night. Its really hilarious!

 My Favorite crime show is CSI:NY,CSI:Miami.

 Well sometimes if I can and when no one is using the TV, I will watch most of my fave shows on TV.

 Or sometimes its easier to go to youtube since I'm on the computer almost all day.

Do you like music and fashion? Where do you learn about new trends in music and fashion (from friends, celebrities, magazine)?

 Fashion and music is what I truly love. They clashes together and they give me confidence to do something new each time. Not to mention both are very fun things to do. We get to mix and match thru fashion and its the same thing with music. 

These is where I get most of my sources:

Please tell us about  singers and bands you are into, and why do you like them? Where do you get most of your music? (download, buy CD, take from friend, etc.)
He has such a melodious voice. Not to mention his song has touched so many people
including myself. I think he deserves a record deal but maybe its best for him
to be a one man show with his own band cause you know how record companies 
are . They try to control their singers and performers. And at the same time
they destroy good music.  
Fave Songs: Eight-Dollar Engagement Rings,Airplanes and What She's Looking For

They have awesome party beats and you have to admit sometimes we need something to unwind. Mine is apparently to listen to Cobra Starship the lyrics and the music rocks! 
Not mention honest.

Fave songs: Hot Mess and Nice Guys Finish Last


Christofer Drew Ingle has come a long way since he first posted his first song on his Myspace,
3 years ago. His second EP, Me and My Uke was fun and everyone
loved it. When his Yippe EP came out, Chris went on TRL to play his new single. Bigcitydreams. It was amazing and now his new album,What is love is doing great and has completely different
sound to it but its been 3 years and his songs are always amazing.

Fave Song: What Is Love


The first time I heard about the Maine was when one of my internet friends send me a link 
to their song, Into your arms. Since then The Maine has been one of my favorite bands around.


The first song that I listened from Mayday Parade is When I get home, You're so Dead. 
Slowly I began to listen and love black cat, If you wanted a song written for you,all you do is asked,miserable at best and Three Cheers For Five Years. Tho I've been searching for their CD since last year at almost all the local stores in the whole friggin KL and cant seem to find them even the sales assistants has no idea about the band. I already heard their new album, Anywhere But Here and I freaked out and kinda disappointed. When I heard the Jayson left the band, I knew that there's going to have major changes and it did. 
They turned into a normal alternative band which bores me. So I'm more of an old Mayday Parade fan the one with Jayson in it. Also I heard Jayson's new band, Go Radio and both bands are like missing puzzle pieces.

Fave Song: Miserable at Best.

Do you enjoy reading books? What are the last three books you have read?

What/where do you find new information about entertainment that you like?

Well like all the above that I had listed down. Those are the places where I get my new information. The most I find easy is Youtube,Quizilla,Twitter and Facebook.

I'm sorry if there's not much of things going one but I've been sick lately and I might have to post things late. And some might be bare. :/ just hope that I get better soon. Thanks 

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