Saturday, May 22, 2010

networking socially ~

The most used medium me and my friend use to communicate are the SMS , IM and FB .
For youngster of my age, this is the most money-wise choice  ~ fast and cheap. The negative side of it ;

  • u`r left out if u dont use any
  • too much of it will waste ur time

Using these social networking medium sure does bring me closer to my friends. Hey, i even met my kindergarten friends on FB , it`s worthed. It do makes my life better. My friends network got bigger than i ever thought im having.


Minem list of social networking. ~ 
*malas nk type panjang2... hehe


Do you prefer to meet people for the first time online or face-to-face? Why?
Do you have Twitter? If yes, how many followers do you currently have? Who do you follow?

NO , gile ke???
Yes, dont care...tak pernah kira.sape2 je.

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