Saturday, May 22, 2010

Name It

Yes. Brand is important.
Especially when it comes to things I prefer to consider once-in-a-lifetime investment
(this would usually be those pricey items....gizmos for instance.)

Brand = confidence + reliability

'Good things don't come cheap, cheap things don't come good'

I agree with this quote. Credits to whoever that gives birth to that piece of logic.

Now, which brands is best at communicating with youth...
Of course this goes to brands that aim youth as its customer pool.
Nike, Addidas, Apple, etc...
Their endless research and development gets my approval

My favourite brands: Nike Apple Samsung Digi
Why I like: Their creative designs and advertisement



I'm not very brand-conscious, so I don't feel embarrassed of using certain brands.
But I know of a number of friends who dislike being associated with 'BATA'
I heard they even make up jokes that 'BATA' is an acronym of 'Buy And Throw Away'.

To laugh or not to laugh...
that is the question.

*stiffling a laugh* Heck, of course that's a big NO!
Religion and Brand is like two parallel lines that would never meet....

where do I get all my info?
It's from a sourceful thing that starts with 'i'

I_TE_N_ _

Who could guess it?

Mari Mari...Pusing Wang Besar! Wang Besar!

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