Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ambition and Success

Every human being in this planet want to be successful. Who doesn't? For me, successful = happy + grateful + dreams achieved. :) We can't make everyone happy but at least we can make someone happy. My achievement in life is that I gain back my family's trust. Yes, it is an achievement that I'm proud of. Another thing is, I learned how to edit a picture nicely. Yay me! haha :D

Succesful person is a happy person. Well, that's my point of view (don't copy me! haha) :P Someone succesful is someone who has achieved what he/she loves and are very proud of it - just make sure it's not a crime or anything.

The most who inspired me is Oprah. haha. Yes, she's a successful woman and still is humble towards people. I lovee her talk show.

When I was a child, my ambition has always been to help people therefore I wanted to be a doctor so badly. My parents agreed on that. But then, as I grew up well, I guess I'm more open to this world and now I'm not sure what I want to be. But still my ambition to help people has been always there and never fades.

Three goals to achieve next year :
  • Having straight A's for SPM :)
  • Get a scholarship and study abroad.
  • Finish reading Psychology for Dummies (and understand it)
Three goals to achieve next five years:
  • Obtain Bachelor of Medicine (or psychology or something like that :P )
  • Went Umrah (or Haji :D )
  • Became a professional book writer :)

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