Thursday, May 20, 2010

Work and Money

I love but dislike money. It makes me greed. It makes some people greed and money is the root of all evil. People would do anything for money. I know that money is important, and we need them to survive. But for me, its enough if I don't have to much of it 'cause I'll spend like I never before - my evil side. :P

My money came from my parents as they don't let me to work. They say "your job is to learn". :) Owhh, I love them. But sometimes I got extra if I do extra chores. Simple.

Do I get what I want? It's like this : if I want food or something in emergency, yes I will get it immediately. :) But if I want something that is not so important or can wait like an Ipod or a new handphone, they will say "You get all A's then I buy you one". It sometimes get on my nerve. haha. The second choice is I need to save up ( but it will take a very long time and I'm not that patient. :( ).

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