Thursday, May 20, 2010

Work & Money ?

MONEY is NOT EVERYTHING in this world. Did you know this term created by Singaporean Girls called '5 Cs ' ?? 'Cash,Car,Condo,Credit Card & Career'. If guys have that 5Cs then they'll put you on their date list . I'm not saying all of them but those materialistic ones. I think money is a NEED when it comes to daily lives like for food, to pay rent ,pay for college ,transportation and stuff like that but it is not entirely EVERYTHING till you would go to the extend of cheating people to get money !

I basicly get money from my parents right now as i'm still a student so yeah they'll give me my weekly allowance : ) I do work part time but i dont get much so i use mainly the allowance from my parents . IF I WANT TO BUY SOMETHING , nowadays i usually SAVE UP myself rather than asking my parents to get it for me. Unlike when i was younger i always felt like by just 'asking my parents' i could get easy! BUT I didnt think on their behalf. Money isn't easy to be earned so if i want anything i think i should make an effort and save up myself. Like recently 2 months back , i saved up my own money to buy myself a camera :)

In my generation , to me it is IMPORTANT to have a strong work ethic but on the other hand , many people think that its secondary and its not very important as long as they get the money. For me ,i think if i want to work, i have to be hardworking and not take things lightly cos 1st impression is always important as well.

The CURRENT ECONOMOY CLIMATE isn't that good and it might be affecting our generation in time to come. Even recently our economy infected malaysian car sales . My dad is working in car lines & few months back i remember the sales was decreasing due to the economy. But im sure if all youths strive hard for the future and take things seriously , we can make the economy rise up for the better in time to come. : )

Let me list down to you the 3 coolest & 3 least coolest jobs in the world and WHY. : )

1) Supermodel because all you need to do is just pose and walk/pose in front of camera ,then earn big money & fame !
2) World famous blogger because you not only get to express youself,you dont have to work outside , you get to travel ,being sponsored by people and become famous just by working online.
3)Fashion designer because you get to do what you like doing ,not everyone can do this ,if you're good you earn big money & fame as well.

1) Salesmen/promoter because you have to talk so much,persuade people,get scolded at times just to get sales and most of the time you have to repeat & repeat the same things over and over again.
2)Garbage collecter (no offence to them .i respect them alot cos without them ,our rubbish would just pile up in front of our house) but its not an easy job & not everyone would do it cos it stinks.
3)Program coordinator because you will have so much stress especially if its organizing a big event ,if somethings screws up, you will just die being fired.

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