Thursday, May 20, 2010

My kaki's

Okay. I’m going to brag. I’m going to brag so much, you’re going to feel like beating me up after this.
So here it goes.

My friends are the awesome-est group of people to have ever existed in this universe. And they are way better than your friends! (HAH!) okay no la, I didn’t mean that. Jangan marah.

But honestly now, they ROCK.

I have grown to be pretty easy. No not in the “oh come sleep with me” kind of way. But in a way where I’m get along with all kinds of groups of people. And I think that’s great because everyone has their own story to tell. So whichever group of friends I’m hanging out with that day, I’ll do what they do, I’ll hang where they hang. And because I love having fun, I ASSURE you, my friends are anything BUT boring!

I don’t know about you, but when I meet new people, I don’t usually spend a lot of time describing myself. I mean..

“hi. I’m Sabrina, I’m1 9 and I’m from Ipoh but I grew up in the city”
“and I like have a puppy and I stay with my family”
“oooohh and I have like a sister, and my shoe size is 8”
“OMG and I want to leave my hair really long and then curl it or maybe I’ll have it boy cut”
“urm.. ya..”

I mean, people are going to think I’m bloody weird.

Anyway, when I’m with my friends, no matter which ones, we all have one thing that we agree on- we try our best not to fall into stereotypes. Or stereotype anyone. I’m not trying to say we’re perfect (although I’d love to) but we try. So the whole “categorizing people” thin
g, we try not to do it. I’d like to think that my friends and I are unique individuals with different identities who just get along well with each other.

Identity by itself is essential to everyone. I mean, if you don’t have an identity, you pretty much don’t exist; your just part of the crowd. Take for example, do any of you remember who the captains assistant was in the Titanic? NO? Exactly!
(Actually I don’t either, I don’t know if the captain even had an assistant. Yes, I’m making this shit up)

But my point here is that, identity is crucial for everyone. That’s why during our youth, we’re given so much freedom to find ourselves. And most of the time, we screw this up, but hey, we learn.

Oh btw, did I mention I’m a Christian? Well I am, and in no way does that affect my choice of friends. It affects the way I act around my friends but in no way does it affect who I am friends with. I believe it all sums up to one thing – R.E.S.P.E.C.T (this btw, is something a lot of our politicians are yet to learn).

So, you respect me as a person, you don’t talk bad about my family (no, you’re momma jokes), you don’t go telling tales, and I’ll be nice back to you. Karma. Nothing to do with religion.

So come come, be my friend =)

Thanks again for reading.
With Love,

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