Monday, May 31, 2010

Branding me

Newsflash, everything is branded in this capitalistic world. Ideologically, branding can be interpreted as something unique, that sets anything apart. Hence, your own signature can be your brand. Your IC number is a brand, did you know? It's sad, but true, we are all branded.

How can I stop myself from being just a number, John Mayer.

But in the unflinching retail world, branding is, or should be, first and foremost about quality. Which is why overpriced high fashion products which is very likely of very similar quality to Thailand-made products deserve to be spat in its face. Nevertheless, paying for quality is acceptable, because I do that. I have one Country Hide tote/sling bag, and it speaks of quality without being ostentatious, like Gucci, or Coach, or Louis Vuitton(believe me, this is rather hard to say. It IS, after all, every respectable woman's staple luxury).

Oh, I also very much believe in the resilience of your typical Bata school shoes in a tropical rainforest. After my SPM, I decided to bring them to a camp which would ruin them beyond repair so I had sound reason to dispose them. They jungle trekked during monsoon season, climbed up a waterfall, abseilled down a canyon into a stream, and river trekked their way downhill. Unscathed but filthy and downright stinky. They were disposed anyway.

, it's historical mission is to "to increase and diffuse geographic knowledge while promoting the conservation of the world's cultural, historical, and natural resources." And I do so love watching documentaries. Cartoons and documentaries, that's what children need. 

The first one deserves acclaim for it's uplifting message, and split second dubbing. The second is just classy. And expensive, I bet.

Though moral suasion leads me to avoid illegal brands and illicit activites, religion has little or nothing to do with it. Religion is man-made, and everything that is man-made tends to jam, rot, explode, and/or expire.

But I do believe in chance. So my shopping list goes unbranded. It's like walking into a store and finding that perfect pair of [insert favourite item here].

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