Friday, May 21, 2010

Careless Little Hamster’s Family and Friends

Tell us stories about your time spent with family. Bring us to become part of your family!

Last March, my mum, aunty, sister and I went to Thailand for 6 days. We had the loveliest time at Chiang Mai! We spent 2 days there and wow! It’s just so amazing. Especially for me, cause it was my very first time traveling overseas! Next, we were at Bangkok for 4 days. HORRIBLE. Not because of the place, but I had a really bad tummy ache a few hours after arrival. My tummy ache lasted 2 weeks! Can you imagine? I had a few stomach problems at once. I definitely didn’t have an enjoyable time at Bangkok. The four of us even went on a cruise dinner along the beautiful Chaopraya river. But the silly me just lied there looking at th
e moonless sky with a bitter face.

Mum and I often go back to her hometown – Penang. At Penang, we have our relatives to spend time with. We often go back now because my grandma’s getting very old. We gotta spend more time with her. (: I have 2 little cousins to play with as well. They’re lovely cousins. (: Once in a while, I get to see my little nephew, Neville! He has the reddest cheeks ever! Just like a tomato. :D

Baby Nevile. Ain't he cute?

Me and my cousin, Vanesa

With my mum's side relatives during CNY.

Tell us who are your best friends and why do you like to hang out with them and the activities you all frequently do together.

I’m in my Form 5 now. I don’t really have a lot of time to spend time with my friends. Most quality time with friends is at school and tuition. :D (Seems boring eh? Not really!)

Well, in my class, my closest friends are next to me and in front of me. So how convenient it is to communicate. (:

Meet Kit Lu.
She sits next to me. She lurrrrrrrrves Lam Fung. Raymond Lam. The TVB actor.

This is Euodia.
She sits in front of me. She's my class monitor too! (:

And this is Cindy!
She sits next to Euodia. She's the noisiest girl but some how, she's not irritating.

Let me show you some pictures that can explain how nutty we are. We really have awesome moments everyday!

Euodia, me, Cindy and Kit Lu
We were on the way home from the Launch of 3K. We got this round blue thing which until today, we don't know what it is. We thought it was a Frisbee.. But don't think so. Any ideas anyone? (:

Cindy at the top, Kit Lu, me and Euodia at the bottom.
We were at the library. Cindy had a mirror with a concave back cover. Cool eh? (:

When you are meeting new people how do you describe yourself?

Oooh! I love meeting new people! (: Everyone is so different from each other!
I would describe myself as friendly and optimistic. Of course, I’ll be polite to them to say hello with a wide smile on my face. :D

Is identity important to you and your friends? How important is standing out / being different to you and your friends?

Identity is very very important. Well, nobody likes having clones of them self. Not many anyway. Having your own identity makes people like you. Well, if you have a good personality. (:

Standing out of the crowd makes hell a lot of difference. It makes people go, ‘WOW!’ Being different makes people notice you more. Hence, the more opportunities you get. Ain’t that great or what? :D

Does religion affect your choice of friends? Explain your answer

NO. I strongly dislike people who choose friends because of religion. I’m very open to people. They can be a Jewish, Islam, Buddhist or a Christian – I don’t mind. They might preach to me and I would listen (Out of curiosity).

I really think that because of different religions, the world isn’t fully united. If everyone learns about each other’s religions and remember not to disrespect others’ religions in any way, the world would be a better place. But that can’t happen right? (: We need the baddies to balance the good people in our world.

How do you and your friends like to categorize people of your age group . i.e EMO, Skater, JPop, KPop fanatic, Hip Hop, Goth, freak, geek, shutterbug, others? What are the three most popular groups/looks amongst you and your friends?

Who are JPop and KPop fanatics? What does it even mean? LOL! We would categorize people into these groups. First 3 would be the most popular ones.

Oh-so-popular crowd
The ones that think they are all that. The ones who knows everyone and everyone knows them.

Thick straight bangs, heart-shaped bangs, thick black eye liner with thick mascara, kawaii clothes, big big eyes. They wanna be cute, I guess?

‘High Society’ People
The ones who grew up too fast and are constantly partying away at clubs, drinking alcohol, smoking and shisha-ing away.

The ones who cannot stop taking pictures of themselves, themselves and themselves.

Korean/Japanese Freaks
Girls Generation, Super Junior, SHINEE and Wonder Girls fanatics.


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