Friday, May 21, 2010

Social Networking

Hello there! Okay this time its about social networking. Let me answer all the question.

What communication medium (SMS, Instant Messenger, Phone, Twitter, Facebook), do you and your friends use the most to communicate through and why? What are the positives and negatives of each?

>>>>>Ok..I'll rank them. ~1. Facebook(most used) 2. Instant Messenger 3. Phone/SMS~ Facebook is the first rank simply because it is very popular right now. You can find all your friends in Facebook. Its hard to know if any off your friends do not have Facebook. I'm not sure what have been done, but Facebook today has become like a tradition. For teenagers especially, it's like a necessary to have a Facebook account. In addition, we(teenagers) are charged nothing to use facebook or instant messaging. You may have to pay if you online in cybercafe, but what I mean is that you don't have to pay to become a Facebook member, or you don't have to upgrade to premium member of Yahoo to use instant messaging. Unlike phone/sms, you do not need to topup to use facebook and instant messaging, there is no monthly fees. It's very convenient to get connected just by online!

· Is social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter making your life better or worse?

>>>>>Of course, Facebook and other social networking like friendster and myspace make my life better in term of communication and expressing myself. It unintentionally improve my social skills...hehe!Blogging too! We have to admit that communication have become easier by social networking...we do not write letter anymore to ask "How are you?". Right? (^_^)

Please list the number of online social networking sites (Facebook, Friendster, Twitter, blog) which ones you are a member of and why you chose to have a profile/account on each of them? What activities do you usually do when you are social networking sites?

>>>>>Facebook....I chose to have a profile on Facebook because I can find almost all my friends there. Plus, it helps me to communicate with my business-mate. My usual activities when I'm facebook-ing are watching my friends' profile, chatting, and business group.

>>>>>Friendster...the first social networking sites I joined. At that time, Friendster is the most popular social networking site. I also have Myspace, which I joined because of my friends' suggestion. But a while after that, Facebook become popular so I shift to Facebook. Hehehe...maybe it can be concluded that I follow the popularity of the site which help me to contact all my friends there. Just like facebook, I do the same things on Friendster and Myspace. Ahaks! (^_^)

· How many Facebook/Friendster/MySpace/Twitter friends do you have? Who are these people? How many of these do you consider ‘close friends’? How many of them have you not meet before?

>>>>>570s on Facebook, 492 on Friendster, 118 on Myspace. I don't remember all of them, 60% I have meet before...and out of them, I think there are only around 15 people I consider 'close friends'.

· Do you prefer to meet people for the first time online or face-to-face? Why?

>>>>>I prefer face-to-face. Because most of people don't want to present themselves honestly by online. Some edit their face, some play words. I kind of hate fake behavior like that. Cause I don't care who people are, I can be friend with anyone, so no need to lie or pretend to be somebody that is not yourself. Yeah!

· Do you have Twitter? If yes, how many followers do you currently have? Who do you follow?

>>>>>Sorry, I don't have Twitter account...maybe I'll create one after this...hehehe!

Okeyh! Till the next post!


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