Friday, May 21, 2010

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I spend my mornings and nights online. Yep, I spend long hours in front of the PC. What do I do there, you ask ? Well… *counts with fingers* I check my YouTube, Twitter and/or DeviantArt, I check my blog when the need arises, I edit on Kingdom Hearts Wiki and Kingdom Hearts Francophone Wiki, and speak to my friends over MSN ; if there’s a sketch, video and/or photo-manipulation to put up, I’d put it up… But otherwise, I also do quite a bit of offline activity – in that I edit and/or colour pictures, I listen to music and whatnot.

Oh, and here's some eye candy that I posted online on my blog, which I thought I'd share with you guys - this is just an example of the stuff I do :


Country First

Heroines in our own little way

Soirée du spectacle

Remember That Day


My username, as you may have noticed, is troisnyxétienne. I often use the short form troisnyx on Blogger and on places where usernames longer than 10 characters aren’t allowed. I developed this username when I was about 14 or 15, and I’m not going to budge from this. So as I said in my first post, you’d be wondering why I went on to use something as bizarre as Troisoisfngnxogaoshrtuggvh. Well, let me divide the components for you :

Trois = French for “three”. Three is a significant number in Scripture as well as in the world – lots of things happen in threes, and it takes three times for something to happen for it to be really significant… We count from one to three (or vice-versa), and not from one to any other number, and don’t get me started on a 1000-word-long essay of admiration of the number three.

Nyx = Nyx is the name of the Greek goddess of night. I take it to represent “darkness”. Life has its darkness, and I’m still groping my way through this darkness.

Étienne = The French equivalent of Stephen. I look up to St Stephen the martyr.


I’ve made close friends online, while not forgetting the ones I have real-time. I don’t know what attracts me to them. Some say that I’m a maternal figure, as on the Kingdom Hearts Francophone Wiki where there are so few female members (only two). Something about me attracts them, and I honestly hope it’s my faith and charisma. Or something to that effect.
I’m aware that there are some people whom we just can’t trust online. Their mannerisms, the way they speak, the information they ask… sometimes just turns us off. I can tell if a person is trying to sweet-talk his way or not. My two years on Skyrock (a France-based blogging platform, owned by the radio station of the same name) have taught me a lot. There are quite a few people whom we can call our friends, but there are quite a lot of sleazy characters out there who couldn’t care less about what the people around them are guarding against.

Having said thus, the online friends who have remained close to me so far are people whom I can trust, and people who are willing to let me take things in my stride. If you’re not overly pushy, or overly reserved, I wouldn’t have second thoughts of getting to know you. And this especially applies when my online friends and I are involved in projects together. Like Real Voices, for example.

My closest online friends (whom I shall simply called Unbirth and TKH2, as per their usernames) are from the Kingdom Hearts Francophone Wiki.


My parents (at a time when mom was still around) were indeed concerned about my online activity, and they always used to monitor me, where I went, what I did… They used to loathe the fact that I often went online, and sometimes I’d be scolded for speaking to certain people. It was needed, in a way, because no one can have me talking to sleazy characters, and I definitely acted like a fool back there.

I shall not proceed to give you the control method - ask for it yourselves.

In the next post, I’ll ramble about whether or not the Internet has made us disconnected with our real-time friends. I can only give you two words : Social networking.


À la prochaine !


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