Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 10 : 1Malaysia

Do you know what other people think of Malaysians? (Part 1)
They think that we are the natives. Yes, I mean the ones who still live in jungle, got no tv and all. Like some Egyptians here, they always called us, I don't know how they actually pronounced it, but it sounded like this, 'honga monga', 'bonga bonga', and etc. And yes, they liked to make fun of us. Annoyed? Yes, me too. -.-

But some of them, who actually know where Malaysia is, what a modernized country it is, and bla bla bla, respect us, a lot. I also feel kind of proud when International Cultural Day (where all students from other countries participate and present about their own country) came up and we got to present about our Malaysia. A big grin was on my face when our presentation came out on the screen, and showed what we got in Malaysia; the various races, cultures and foods under one roof, the highest twin towers KLCC, the mesmerizing Gunung Kinabalu, the clear blue water of Pulau Sipadan, the Orang Utans, and so on. It also made other people grasped and said, "Wow, so this is Malaysia!". Proud to be Malaysian? Yes, me too. =)

Do you know what other people think of Malaysians? (Part 2)
The doctors (that's what we called our lecturers and professors here) always said that they like Malaysian students very much more than their own people, as we are always punctual and go to classes early, and are well mannered (by this, it means keep silence during lectures and being polite, I guess). Well mannered? I don't want to talk about this, but punctual?

Do you know that some (not all) of our own Malaysian people labeled us (who are also Malaysian people), someone who's always late at anything. You've heard of MRT? Malaysian Rubber Time? Yes? Then, you'll get what I mean. So, I think that it is not appropiate to label other people being late or lazy or other negative things, just because some of them are. Don't you think that there are the opposites too? Ones who are puctual, hardworking, and all? I really don't like the peribahasa, 'kerana nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga'. Why can't we think of the goods in every person? Why do we have to think of the bads? There's always a positive, good side in an individual. Always has. So, I'm hoping that there's no more labelling or such things in us, people. But, to label someone something good, it is okay for me. =)

What do I think about the various races in Malaysia?
It's super duper awesome and cool! You know, we got to learn about other different cultures and got to eat a lot of different foods in just one country! You don't have to go to China to learn about the Chineses and go to India to learn about the Indians. We do have all that here, in Malaysia. How about nasi lemak, yong tau fu, and roti canai? That's what I like the most! There's no other country like Malaysia, even if there is, I don't think that the situation is the same. Do they celebrate Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Deepavali, and Christmas, like we do? I don't think so. =)

Do I think about my race or country first?
When you are entering other country, you will have to fill out a form (sort of visa, I think) about yourself, right? Do you think that there is a column, about what your race is? No, it does not have one. But what I do know is, it does have a column to fill about your nationality. So, I don't want to explain more about this and here's a piece of my mind, I think about my country first before my race. =)

Do I think there is a tension between various races in this country?
Of course, there is. Who said that there isn't? We, people, can't always get along with all people at all the time. Who said that in a public school, there isn't a fight between the students of different races? Please, correct me if I am wrong. But what exactly I want to say is, even though that there is a tension between us, we can always tolerate each other. That's what the best in us. =)

What I think about 1Malaysia?
I don't exactly know how this project (I also don't know if 'project' is the right word) works, but what I do know is, I like the idea of it. Togetherness, integrity, unity (and add some other words that are related and have the same meaning as these three words), what's not to like about it, right? =)

Malay + Chinese + Indian = Malaysian

Another iklan by Petronas. I love the kids. =)


  1. "race is race car eh?"
    look at his face, so innnocent.haha

  2. See, that's why we say kids are colour blind. :D