Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 3: Strive to be The Best! *You know you want to :P*

Hey there again YouthSays! :D I’ve got bad news, my computer got struck by lightning and thanks to natural calamity my computer is out of action. Well, at least I have my dads laptop. (I’m stealing my neighbours WiFi …… Shh!) Now moving on to topic 3, I’ve been assigned the topic Ambition and Success, yet another wide topic. Well, we can all safely say that everyone out there has achieved some form of success one way or another sometime throughout their life and nobody's a failure at birth! :D Yes, even you! :P Anyway, if I had to sight an example of the best success story I've ever had in my life I would say my achievement as the Head Prefect of the Afternoon Session in SMK Seafield, during my service as a prefect in Form 2. Yea yea I hear you complaining in the background, "How cheesy can this guy get? He enjoys being a Head Prefect? Whyy?" :( Well, to be honest I just loved my time as a Head Prefect. It was probably one of the sweetest, most cherished experiences of my secondary life. Believe me :) The fact that you're part of the school affairs and the flurry of events that happen everyday revolving around you, it's really a feeling that can't be put into words. Eventhough there may have been some ups and downs, it's worth it. Even if I had to plunge my ears with earplugs everytime I mess up something, being around your fellow prefects and being part of the prefectorial family, it's really something intangible. You can only find out for yourself by trying :D

Hmm, how do I define a "successful person"? In all honesty, the most successful person I've ever laid my eyes on is the guy I see in the mirror everyday – MYSELF! :D Just jokinggg.. Talk about "syok sendiri" :P Frankly, what makes a successful person is the constant drive to get things done and a vision to lead people. If you don't have the drive and the will to do something, you'll get nowhere in life.and you'll be what I like to call "sotong". Ever been called a "sotong"? When I say "sotong" I mean, someone with no backbone and totally no personal opinion when it comes to making decisions. Another that makes people like, Warren Buffett successful and loaded with cash today, would be the leadership spirit and factor they have instilled in themselves. What is an organization without a leader? It'll probably be like running a Mamak Stall, without the Mamaks making the roti canai. Okayyy, that wasn't such a good comparison. But I think you get the general idea? :D And of course to be successful, you gotta be creative and know how to socialize well. If you can't put that thinking cap on, and get cracking on producing that needed brain juice, then YES I'LL CALL YOU A FAILURE! :D If you also can't socialize with people, how are you gonna get out there in that competitive world and get to know business associates and get all those important links with powerful people? Well, that's what I think successful people have over and above us average people.

What inspires me? The sight and thought of other people succeeding drives me and pushes me on to take the extra mile to go forward and embrace success! ;) Sounds very cliché, but it's true. :) My inspiration or rather my idols are people like Barrack Obama, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. Why you ask? Barrack Obama for example, do you have any idea how hard it was for him to become the first Black African American President of the United States! He must have really done something right for the people of the United States to believe in him as one nation and vote for the man :D As for Bill Gates, he's the genius who created the software that practically every computer is using now and earning billions from it. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't even be here blogging! Last of all, Warren Buffett! As a guy who's aspiring to become a financial analyst, I really look up to this guy. He's noted as a financial investor legend and this guy just rolls with the big bucks man! That's all I can say.

Well, to wrap this all up, I'd just like to say, HAVE AN AMBITION PEOPLE! It's not that hard! D: Know what you want and strive for it ;) You'll get it....... somehow – Well, hopefully. XD Take myself for example, I envision myself to become a reknowned financial analyst someday! Will it happen? I sure hope so. :D But I know I gotta work hard. Be it one year down the line (I wanna be the Head Prefect of morning session now :D), 5 years down the line (graduating from the London School of Economics, UK) or for the rest of my life (top financial analyst of Wall Street!) Yess, these are pretty hard feats, but I'm confident with the drive and effort, I'll get there!! Just watch me fly. That's it for now I guess :)


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