Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 7 : Entertaiment (TV Shows)

Sadly, my house here in Egypt does not have TV. So, most of the tv shows or movies I watched, I downloaded them from the internet. When I'm back in my real house in Malaysia, that's when I actually have to struggle with my two sisters for the remote control! =D

So, here are my favourite TV shows :

Just finished with Season 3. Don't you think that it's getting boring?

Another 3 episodes to end this first season. The songs played are nice. That's what I like about this show.

It's getting complicated. But it never fails to make me laugh, though it's supposed to be scary. Ghosts and demons, huh?

Yeah, that's right! Jesse McCartney was in it! And, it only had two seasons! It was aired on NTV7 few years back but I had downloaded it just to watch it all over again!

My favourite on Disney. Enough said.

Currently downloading this for my housemate who has requested it. Will try to watch it after my final exams.

I still remember that my brother and I actually had to sneak up into the tv room at 10pm every Tuesday night, just to watch this on TV2. And, continue with 'Popular' at 11. (I was in my Standard 2 at the time.)

We Got Married : Sweet Potato Couple. Yonghwa and Seohyun really suit each other!

Family Outing. Will continue watching this one after the final exams.

Those that have been mentioned above are my current favourites and now watching. I do watch other tv shows like CSI (all three : NY, Miami and Las Vegas), House, and etc. Just didn't put them up 'cause I think this post has already been too long. =D

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