Saturday, May 22, 2010


Attending a full-time music concert.
And the best thing is, I'm was involved in organising it.

I'm glad I'm blessed with the opportunity to help making this event big.

A 'successful person' is one that can stand up and attain what he wanted when the whole world is against him.

Elements that make someone successful is basically effort and creativity.
With creativity, someone will think out of the box and comes out with something that would definitely sell.
With effort, this creative idea could be reality.

Future inspires me. I always remind myself how my future would be if I don't give in my best effort right now. And being haunted by the feeling of regret and guilty is an awful scarring experience I would not want to face.

Of course I have ambitions.

Next year:
(i) Achieve 80 ++ marks for all my A Levels subject
(ii) Get fit and under 48 kg
(iii) Improve on my personal development plan (yesh, I believe I'm not wholesome yet).

5 years:
(i) Working in a good firm
(ii) Save enough $$$ to bring my family to an overseas vacation they never had

My life:
Die with honourable deeds to mankind

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