Saturday, May 22, 2010

Walk with Me, Rain or Shine

I'm blessed with a family of five. I'm the middle child.

Time spent with family usually revolve around food, holidays, and games.

Sorry I would love to post up pics on my family,
BUT I respect their decisions on being discreet in the virtual world.

Please accept my apologies on the lack of colourful material in my post and the boredom you have to bear.

My best friends are actually all my friends.
Why I like hanging with them?
They make me forget who I am and just bring out the pure fun side of me.

Again, my friends dislike seeing their pictures being posted online, so, sorry. Just let your imagination runs wild with who I hang around with.

Is identity important?
Nope. Not at all.
It's not important to be different because everyone IS different.
Hence, no prob on that.

And puh-leeze,
we've reached democratic maturity even at this young age...
we DO NOT scrutinize one's religious beliefs before marking them under 'friends' category.
In fact, I enjoy the diversity of religion in our friendship because it's a fun way of learning other's customs.

Basically, we categorize people of our age group by their interests.
It's not hard to see.
Go into a classroom,
you will notice that those who sit in front are usually academic-inclined.
Those who sleep during lectures then to be gaming-inclined (but they still ace their exams).
Those who wear sports wear to school are sports-inclined.

Most popular groups/looks? Just look at the EAST.
Korea, Japan, Taiwan!!!

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