Thursday, May 20, 2010

Entertainment !!

1) America's Next top model ! (I'm sure everyone knows whats this abt !LOL)
2)Comedies -According to Jim

This is one of the best scene for season 8 .

3)Police & Thief

This is a sitcom from SINGAPORE which is a bit lame but funny !

I normally watch through tv at home(jb) but then now that im studying at KL ,(Sadly.I dont have tv here) : (
LUCKILY ! There's always YOUTUBE!! Hehehe..Now this is another reason WHY I'M AN ONLINE ADDICT. heheheh... I enjoy watching comedies ! :D Wait, WHO DOESNT ? LOL !


Hmm..normally learned it from magazines & INTERNET ! :D
There's this online shopping directory @ which i often go to to check out latest clothes/shoes/accesories sold online !

I'm not a person who can go all crazy for a singer/band.. I dont have a specific one but i love listening to colbie's ,kelly clarkson's,avril's ,colby o donis ,westlife & etc. Well when i was in my younger days i used to LOVE LOVE WESTLIFE til i memorized all their songs! hehehe... Cos their lyrics are all meaningful ! : ) I usually download thru limewire,listen thru youtube/ thru the radio ! : )


BOOKS are like a total NO - NO for me ! : ( I dont enjoy reading novels and stuff like that. Except for my studies !(which i have no choice but to read ? ) :S I do read newspapers & magazines.. hehehe.. *winkx*

I usually get information on the entertainment i like from CHANNEL E on astro ! But when i dont have tv, then my second choice would definitely be the INTERNET once again ! ; ) I LOVE LOVE LOVE WATCHING CHANNEL E !! It totally changes your mood cos theres hot gossips on celebs , theres programmes where they guide you what to dress and stuff like that. Theres also a programme called Dos & Dont's which guides you to do/not do when its your wedding(example) ..Ohhh E-NEWS hosted by Ryan Seacrest & Giuliana Rancic is damn AWESOME! Below is one of example of the e-news : ) 

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