Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Heart-Warming Family

~Minna no Kazoku~
(Everyone's Family)

Actually I want to make this post as my last post since I want to put more effort in it,but I guess it'll do to be second last post~ So, we'll start by introducing my family members. I'm sorry though pictures might not be available since I can't upload it due to privacy (My family actually seldom take pictures together). So sorry to put you off at there... If there happens to be some picture from the time we went for pilgrimage,I'll try to upload it later on.

Well,there are 5 people in my family. I'll start one by one~

Oto-san (Father)

He's in his fifties now and about to pension in several years ahead~ He works as a medical officer at government hospital at Alor Setar as of now.. He had been transferred to Gerik,Perak for his first promotion into a Director of Hospital and since then, he has been moving to Yan and Kuala Nerang in Kedah with the same post. He was offered another promotion at Labuan, but he refused as it's too far and he's already too old to travel that far for work. Well,about his personality, he's my family's number one short tempered person. Every time we had a trip, we will always end up listening to his mad speech,and that's one thing that put the trip off a bit,hmm. At the bright side, he's very knowledgeable about a lot of things which make me very impressed of him. His favourite phrase would be
Not everything can be learned from the text books, so we got to learn through experience.
Haha,and so,I always got scold by him for not knowing some basic general knowledge as I'm the type that don't care about things that aren't within my interests~ He's also a good teacher when it comes to Biology since his field is Medicine, so for sure Biology is his forte. He always said that Medicine isn't a hard course and every one are able to take it since all it needs is courage and work hard. Well, as for me, both aren't available if it is to be dedicated to learn Biology-related subject, so it's a no-no daddy~ XD Aside from that, he's also very friendly to a completely stranger which for me,it's something hard to do. His style of befriending with people doesn't suit mine, so I can't learn from him on that matter. Okay,next~
Oka-san (Mother)
She's also in her fifties and she's older than my father by a year, pretty rare couples, don't you think so? One more odd fact about their marriage is it was held on 29th of February! I can't believe why they chose that date purposely,and this make us hard to celebrate their wedding anniversary and sometimes,even forget about it on a leap year (Overall,I don't remember of ever celebrating their anniversary >.< ). My mother is a pensioner from her job as a pharmacy officer. She's a very religious person and I assure you that this can be immediately judge through her appearance (Loose attire and she wear purdah - mask-like). So,she often text me to remind me to do my religious deeds regularly during my foundation year since that was my first time being away from home for education purpose (before that, I was away from home because of National Service). Even now I'm at home, she continuously remind me of my faith and often invites me to religious classes that she's attending.

Onee-chan (Older Sister)

She's in her twenties right now and pursuing her Bachelor Degree in Religious Studies (Usuluddin) at University of Al-Azhar in Egypt. She's the most distant family member because since she was in her primary school, she lived with my father's cousin (my aunt) until she's in standard 4. Only then she transferred into school nearer to our house. After that, she didn't continue her secondary education,instead,she went to a madrasah to become a hafizah (those who memorize the whole Holy Qur'an) and it took her 6 years to finish it due to various circumstances (usually,it only takes 3 years for an average person). Skipping PMR, she attended a religious school in form 4 and took her SPM followed by STAM,where after she flew to Egypt for her tertiary education. I'm so proud to have a big sis like her since she's very funny and acts like a kid for most of the time, but when our parents are absent, she immediately turn into a queen (I actually want to mean it as step-parent) and ordered us to do our own duty without any exception,huhu~ Sometimes she also acts like a friend to me. I'm missing her more now than ever. Luckily,she's coming back to Malaysia this 20th of July for her semester break,though at the time I'll be admitting at IPTA already.

Imouto-chan (Younger Sister)

She's one year younger than me and because of this fact, sometimes she forgot that she's my little sister and acts as if she's my peer. It's fun to have her around,though annoying most of the time because of her attitude. Anyway, since pre-school, she'd been schooling at the same school with me up till secondary school. She's much smarter than me, I got to admit that by referring to her SPM result,though there are some subjects like Physics and Math that she wasn't able to beat me, they are almost my forte already especially Math~ Muahahaha. One thing I quite envy her is her award for JPA scholarship,which I failed to even get myself be shortlisted. She was offered to do MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) in middle east country and she got University Cairo in Egypt as her tertiary education location. So,now she's attending her preparatory course at INTEC (International Education Centre) UiTM for 3 months before flying in September. Despite all the excellency in education that she showed to others, in front of our (my family) eyes, she's still some pampered kid who can't do anything without my father's help (my father's the one who pampered her the most since she was little). During her recent short break, to get back to Shah Alam, my father still need to send her off all the way there. Even so, she's still a part of this family and we all love her, huhu~

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