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'family always comes first.

After meeting new friends here in Vancouver, especially those from China, I really feel fortunate to be born into a family with two other siblings. The reason I specifically mentioned China is because of their "one child policy". Families in China have been restricted to only having one child per family ever since 1978, due to the mast growing population issue that has been troubling the country's economy.

Alright enough with the history crap, haha let me introduce you to my family, the CHUA's.

First off, here's my parents.


Dad's currently managing a seafood manufacturing company, Bismaraya Sdn Bhd.
Mum's an associate professor at Universiti Malaysia Sabah.

They met in the States (US) or Canada, i forgot.
Then, they moved around M'sia, Canada, USA before settling down in 1992, when they had me.

I'm the eldest in the family, then there's my younger sister.
and the youngest member in my family, my little bro,

here's a photo of my mum, my siblings and I. took this earlier this year, during the period of Chinese New Year.

And here a few more photos of my family,
on a family trip to Kundasang, a village nearby Mount Kinabalu.

the photos were taken 2 years ago, i believe.

dad, Morgan & I

Morgan, Mum & Simone.

They are the ones whom I learn from, laugh with, cry with and spend my daily life with.

I can't really recall as to who is my best-friend, because I don't have one and I don't believe in having best friends. Maybe it's because of the constantly-moving-around-places thing that has made "making REAL friends" a trouble for me.

If you were to ask me, do you have any friends that you're still close with since primary school?
I would reply, "Which primary school are you referring to?"

- the one in Malaysia?
well, I have a few friends that I have known since primary school, that I still keep in touch with through Msn & Facebook.

- how about the one in Scotland?
you know what? i have never seen or talk to anyone of them since I moved back to Malaysia. It's really unfortunate, I know.

Then, if you were to ask, how about the ones in high school?
I have been in three high schools, so here are my answers.

- my first high school, which was in Scotland?
hmm, managed to find a few classmates on Facebook a while ago, and we sort of chatted for a while and then lost contact again (damn)..

- my second high school, Malaysia?
most of us still keep in touch through MSN & Facebook, but it's sad that since I left Malaysia, our relationships have slowly and are slowly fading away..

- my current high school, Canada?
i will be graduating in three weeks time, which is exhilarating. but, I do hope we would be able to keep in touch, no matter where all of us end up going for university.

It's really hard for me to actually describe who my friends are, so why don't we just let the photos do the talking.

ANDY & I (taiwanese friend)

Chen Nan (China) & Krystal (Canadian/Chinese/Japanese)

Michelle (taiwanese)

some people (friends) from my current high school

Yuino (Japanese/Taiwanese), Andy, Chen Nan (China)

Paige (China), ME, Jennifer (Hong Kong)

Peggy (Taiwanese), Kiki (China)

Irene (Taiwanese)

and here are some photos from Malaysia.

Hajar, YinMan & Mei Jin

Hajar, Mei Jin, Amylline

Yun Jie & I

friends who sent me off to Canada, two years ago.

high school moment, with the j3 ren gang.

they were/are the closest friends I have ever had,
they took me in and treated me like family.

Now, for the QnAsss....

When you are meeting new people how do you describe yourself?
- haha, that's a funny question. Obviously, I'd say I'm a nice person, with awesome personalities haha.. I can be cool at first, and will later warm up once we get to know each other better.

Is identity important to you and your friends?
- not really. Yes, you have to know your status and know where you're at. But, when you're with your friends, you try to be as down to earth as possible and show the "real" you, right? So, identity is not that important to me or my friends.

Does religion affect your choice of friends?
HELL NO. imagine what the world would be like if only Chinese befriended the Chinese, and Malay only sticks to Malay. HOW BORING WOULD THE WORLD BE!

that's about it for NOW.
stay tune for more articles!



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