Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Meet My boyfriend,his name is internet.

The internet.
I met him when I was fourteen, and I got attached to him. I remained loyal to him almost everyday since we first met four years ago.
Screw Astro! Internet is my new boyfriend.

If I didn't have a job or anything to do at home besides chores and sleeping, I would probably be online the whole day. Usually what keeps me going online are blogs and social networking sites and the website that lets me watch tv shows (I discovered this baby 2 months ago)

I usually go by myself online,I don't use any alias although I used to when I was younger (ehem,MARION MUFFIN haha). People still google me using that name man..but I guess I should change my email.

Opps :B

Hmm. You can't really trust people online 100%, you always have to be careful and weary. I mean, I got to know people online wayyy before I even meet them face to face but somehow its a little different among teens,because we know things that assure us that they're not bloody murderers. For example, we know which school that they are from and somehow that is a little reassuring.
But never ever trust shady people,nuh-uh. Never.

My parents don't monitor us kids going online anymore,as long as we finish our chores and do our work,that's fine by them. To be honest, going online can be boring sometimes and sleeping sometimes seems more fun.
My stepmom used to set a 2 hour computer limit and let me tell you, sometimes we'd secretly rebel and use it..ahah!
So it's good now.

The online world made me alot of friends but it doesn't affect my friendship in a negative way. I still contact them through Facebook to ask what time we're going out and all that stuff. Although,it's much fun to talk in person :D

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