Friday, May 21, 2010

Family Vs Friends

Okay, this is one boring topic to talk about.·         

Tell us about your family structure and members. Tell us stories about your time spent with family.

I came from a big family. Okay, that was a LIE. My family is small, by the mean of tak ramai orang, not petite small. Even though we all are big-boned. Yeah, whatever.

Well, firstly... I only have one grandma left. My dad [papa], my mom [mama], my big brother [abg], my sister [esah], and then there’s ME , and the last one, my other bother , I mean, brother [Nas].

My father was in the ATM. KOR Armor to be exact. Yet, I dont even know what the hell it means, and dont even bother to know. After his retirement in the army, he chose to work in private sector, which actually, have sangkut-paut jugak laa dengan army thing.  Something about selling or buying planes, helicopter, tanks from Russia and India. I dont really get it what he does actually. All I know is it is not illegal. And thats fine for me.

Next, is my mother. The smallest living human in our home. Yes, I mean it. She`s about 5 foot only. My dad and the others is above 5 foot tall. It’s genetic. Deal with it.  She`s a government worker working in Ministry of Defense and currently placed in Pahang working in a PLKN camp. [The one I goes ~ haha]
Not much to say about my mother. She`s a very good cook, VERY GOOD. She sews too. She does all the mak-mak stuff laa ~ adoyai, ape lagi..... Ooh and yeah, this few weeks, she`s been enjoying aerobic classes at the gym with her friend, m`Cik Nora. She`s really into it, REALLY ~ REALLY. hehehe

Next, my brother. He`s 29 this year. Married. No children, yet. A veterinarian. His wife a vet too. Love anime, love robots, love KRU...[That’s what we laugh most about him], love animal... blablabla..

The second child. The rebel. My sister. 24 this year. Married. No children. Work in IBM, as...  I dont know what she`s doing there. One thing that for sure, she`s married, not living with her husband, love black clothing [she owns Hex of Black Clothing] and passions for Bubble Tea. [Google if u doesn’t know]

The next one, the 3rd is me. The AWESOME me. Im 18. In a relationship. Just finish school. Love archery, love animal, love surfing internet, own a blog, enjoy blogging, read English novels, hoping to own a car. PATHETIC.

And the last one, the youngest, has the biggest head among us 4. My 16 year old brother. He is studying in some MRSM near Ipoh. In his pastime, he goes skiing with his friends in Sunway. Yet, didnt even bother to ask me along ~ hampeh punyer budak.


We dont really spent times together. Everyone is too busy doing their own things. Daddy and mommy with their works, abg with his vet stuff, Esah with her things, Nas with his hostel... And me, im all alone... sitting home alone, with the tv blaring, with the laptop usual.

Our typical weekend together would be like this. Dad is gone first thing in the morning for his golf training, mom will be in the kitchen doing the chores [ I think so] and the others are still drifting in our dreams...

Vacation? The last we had was in 2007. We went to Langkawi. But abg wasnt with us; it was just my parents, my sister, my lil bro and me. We stayed in an apartment. And yes, we had a great time shopping around Langkawi, going to the cabel car, and went to that eco-park thing I cudnt remember what the name is.

·         Tell us who are your best friends and why do you like to hang out with them and the activities you all frequently do together

Pictures says thousand of word right? Okay, here i goes ~


Does religion affect your choice of friends?

No , NOT at all..

Coz, im not PARANOID

and i love having friends of diff background

 When you are meeting new people how do you describe yourself?

blur ~ blur ~ blur ~

malu ~ malu ~

sengih ~sengih~

typical me...

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