Friday, May 21, 2010

Here we go

Day 1 : Youth Today (About Youth and You)

Q1 : What’s the best thing about being youth today? Do you think the future is bright, for your generation or do you think the future is something to worry about?

Well to me, I think it's the awesome gadgets that we have to entertain
ourselves these days ranging from computer games all the way to an iPad.
Not only to they entertain us but they make our everyday lives so much more simpler.
Yeah the future looks bright, talking about how intense the sun is shining on to us
everyday of course. I joke, but yeah the future does look bright for us. There's nothing
major to worry about to me, yeah maybe we have economic downfalls here and there
but we'll survive. We just gotta stick together all the way!

Q2 : Do you think “youth” (people like you) are rebellious in nature? Do you think youth today rebel like they used to before? Explain. Do you/have you rebelled against anything or anyone in the past? Explain.

I don't really think so and no. Kids before weren't as rebellious as kids today I guess.
I'm not saying most of the kids today are but they number are higher if you compared them.
Yes I have, many times. Especially when my dad tells me to get off the laptop
and study. I'll just do the opposite! Which will end up in him keeping my laptop on the

Q3 : Do you think youth today have an easier or harder life than our parents’ generation? Please explain your answer.

Simple, BOTH. It's easier because most of us have the facilities that our parents didn't
have like a proper study table and a computer. Although it is harder too because of
pressure they put on us. I'm saying this because I'm still a high school student and that's
what we basically go through till we support ourselves. But if you want an overall answer
I'd definitely day our lives are way easier than theirs. An example is like, we can
basically get any information off the web in a matter of seconds. During their time, I think
they had to go through thousands of pages of books and such stuff?

Q4 : What is your biggest fear in the world…other than death?

My parents reaction if I don't get straight A's for SPM. Umm let see, losing my iPhone.
I seriously cannot live with out it, my life, revolves around that little magical

Q5 : What makes you happy?

THIS makes me happy :) Other than that my friends never fail to bring a smile to
my face. Bla bla bla music cheers me up too, especially performing!

Being on stage and hearing the crowd cheer and sing along is one of the best experience
ever. I know this is materialistic but money makes me really happy. I know they say
money can't buy happiness, I agree it's true but money can buy thing that'll
make you happy! And there's so many things that I want to have!

Q6 : What has been the most difficult hurdle you have overcome so far in your life? What did this experience teach you?

Getting hospitalized, twice? Dislocated and broke my wrist during Sports day back in
2007 and cut my leg open last year in school after attempting a vicious flying kick
and obviously it didn't go so well :p

What did I learn from this? No, it's not to be more careful in life but to enjoy
life to max when your young and rockin'. No regrets, no limits, just ENJOY!
You only get to be young and crazy once so you might as well enjoy it
to the fullest.

Q7 : Which has more importance today in your life - family or friends? Why? In your experience, did you ever have to make a choice between your friends and family? If ‘yes’ please explain your answer and why did you do so?

Both of them have contributed a lot in my life. Yes I have had to make a decision like that
and most of the times it favored my friends? Why? Because I'm young and I don't
think that clearly before deciding things like that. But it's nothing big, usually it'll be
going out with friends and missing out dinner or lunch with them and minor
stuff like that. It's not always anyway :)

Q8 : Tell us more about yourself!

Well I'm 17 this year, that should tell you that I'm still in high school and will be having
my SPM exam in a few months time. Currently having mid terms now!

I really enjoy playing the guitar, I've studied it before from 3 different schools but I quit
because I hate reading notes and I think that's its just stressful to learn music.
It's music.

I have tuition's on every weekday.

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