Friday, May 21, 2010

Second Day.

Oh, shoot! Today only I start my second post!! really scared I cant finish the fourth post before the dateline.
The baby kid bugging me while I using the pc..* Oops, did I tell u I am a babysitter when I am home..hmm, now u u know : ) *  hush! enough crapping!!! Letz start my question for today ~
  • Tell us about your family structure and members. Tell us stories about your time spent with family. Bring us to become part of your family! (you may include pictures)
I have a mother, father, brother and two sisters : ) but my father have pass away while I am studying in Form 2. hmm, I always envy my friends or my cous that have a close relationship with their family and especially those who are kinda rich.. I come from a moderate life family, my both parents are working.. My dad pass away due to heart attack.. even before that, he have many sickness and my family have lend a big amount of money for his hospital fees and when my father  pass away.. we also did lend alot of money from my uncle to bury him.. After my father left us, all he left for us.. is a BIG AMOUNT OF DEBT!!! My mum have to  work twice hard to earn some money for me and my bro&sister.. She work as a tailor and babysitter at home.. Sometimes, I really worried that my mum wil collapsed becoz of too tired.. Luckily, during that time, my elder sis and brother have come out to work, which it can help to ease up my mum burden..Soon after that, after my second sis graduated from high school, she is working untill now then.. I , usually on helps to babysit at home and do some house chores.. basically, everybody in my family have their own life .. they only keep working and working to get the money for my family to survive.. Yep, due to this, as i recall, i dun remember when we ever really spend time together to care each other.. Usually, once we talk.. everytime the topic will be talk about money , money and money .. sounds pretty sad, huh?? if can i also wan a caring, warm family too ...

If I have to write about the time I spent wit my family, I can only talk about my birthday last year. It was the first time, all my family member help me celeb my birthday. Eventhough  that day, we jus sit down and no eating any very expensive food, but that is the day that I sit TOGETHER wit all my family members in the same table!! Yeah, for other ppl it may seems nothing special ~ but for my mum, it something very happy for her.. bcoz my family members always came home different time, we eat dinner at different time.. so can say we seldom hang out as other family does ~ Yea, tats is the only night, I spend the most with my family members : )

  • Tell us who are your best friends and why do you like to hang out with them and the activities you all frequently do together. (you may include pictures) 
 Best Friends  , hav u found one??  I not even sure I am doing my role as best friends to others or not.. what can I expect from others??  Indeed, I have a lot of friends, which I can call it as my close friends! My life is not goin far from educaton.. so most of my close friends I know is from the same school I study  = ) 

     ( **I dun have any pic of him )
During my pre-elementary school/kindergarten. i have a bestie from the kindergarten, as I remember, I always play with him.. hang out with him most of the time.. He also lived nearby me, so we are totally getting closer!! we go to school together until we are primary 5! When he is in primary 5 , his family have to shift to other places.. bcoz he is one of my close friends, i try my best to keep contact with him until we are secondary year 1.. after that , i cant contact him already.. I lost his phone : (  I really hope to meet him again!!  hey, Leong Kok Seong !! If u see this , hope u still remember me = ) 

This is the recent pic of my primary school friends gathering!! Taken this pic after we have a funny moment of roller-skating = ) Time does fly, but we stil keep contact wit each other .. hope we can keep our relationship forever yea!! 

 [sam,me,KC, Diana]
They are some of my craziest close friends I have in Secondary school. 
We almost talk anything! Enjoying the time wit them := ) 
WE always go to Diana hosue to swim, chat, drink and eat !! xD

wakaka xD  haha, sorry, Jason!! I purposely wan to upload one of the embarrassing pic of u !! Hope, u cant see it : P 
Yupz, he is totally my bestie!! He is totally a joker yet childish!! but tat is him!!
Seriously, I really grateful that i met him , he  really always being a good friend to me : )
Always cheer me up! Being a good accompany!! 
Really really learn alot from him !
Hope he cant see this, if not .. he will totally "bragging about himself now" xD
Anyway , thanks Jason!! 

Yep, last but not least!! My DMS GANG!! 
Eventhough ths pic i snot complete.. but I believe at the end, we all will be take a big family pic together!
You guyz are always being very good for me!! always there for me and give me the warm I need always!! 
Beside thanks , i really dunno wat else I can tell u guyz! 
We are crazy, we are crappy, we are noisy, we are great and I LUV U ALL NO MATTER HOW U GUYZ ARE!!
Luv spending the time we go watch movies, go sing karaoke, go clubbing, go staying at ur house, go pasar malam, eat together, drink together and many many more!! Hope we can keep on the more and more without stop forever = )

Do u guyz know ??
It just need a bit more communication, 
It just a need a bit more understanding,
it just need a bit more another look at each other, 
It just need a bit the time to laugh together, 

It will ...
Little by little, 
Make us closer together...

  •  When you are meeting new people how do you describe yourself?
 I not really good in intro myself to other because I not used to it (maybe).  Somehow, I dunno why, I think is kinda awkward like the western to approach other and intro themselves..  I usually  will just  let others to start the topic first.. maybe i kinda introvert, huh? Anyway, when i meet new people I always smile first. . after the smile, wait for other to intro themselves and I will crap non-stop then hehe xD  I will just answer directly whatever people ask me.. but when there is something I dun like to share, I will just automatically change the topic by asking the how is the other person, do u know tat ppl  and so on  .. 

  •  Is identity important to you and your friends? How important is standing out / being different to you and your friends?
 My answer is simple, as long u are my friends , that's all matter!!
  • Does religion affect your choice of friends? Explain your answer.
I believe that religion is just a individual belief. It will not stop me from being a friends to u. Frankly to say, I have A LOT of friends come from different races and religion.. Especially < i living in Malaysia.. how can i not being a friends with them?? Agree?? 

  • How do you and your friends like to categorize people of your age group . i.e EMO, Skater, JPop, KPop fanatic, Hip Hop, Goth, freak, geek, shutterbug, others? What are the three most popular groups/looks amongst you and your friends?
Haha!! I am totally is in the KPop Fanatic!!  Luv korean music, drama, fashion and many more!! 
Super LOVE the Korean music band , BIG BANG! 

Other than that, I notice there are alot of youth today are into emo and gothic style = )
i cant deny that , emo and gothic does look good sometime  ~
Am I wrong?? correct me then ~


  1. Wai Hsun, you're really strong to get up again after the rough, hard times you had. That's really amazing, I might say. :) And yeah, keep supporting Big Bang! :D

  2. aiz.. life hav to go on rite?? I jus have to keep move on.. but actually my life is way more better then others already..bcoz i have some ppl are helping around me. and.. OF COZ!! BIG BANG FOREVER wakaka xD

  3. yeah, everything's hard before it's easy, right? :) you like Big Bang that much eh? i like big bang too but not as much as i like super junior! :D

  4. I am the opposite.. BIG Bang come first for me,I also dunno why I am so addicted too. It just like I on drug suddenly xD

  5. haha yeah i know, i'm like that too when it's about super junior! BB is my #2 and CNblue is my #3. :D how about you?