Saturday, May 29, 2010


Day 8: List down your favourites

·         Tell us about 3 things that you have seen, read or listened to recently that you love and have recommended or share with others (in Facebook, face to face conversations, online, etc)?

Hmm.. 3 things

1. Earl and Fairy ( Anime )
2. Mitch Albom : For One More Day (Book)
3. The Night Alive ( New Band ) 

·         What is on your ‘must see’, ‘must do’ and ‘must have’, list for 2010?

1. Paramore LIVE
2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1
3. Saosin LIVE
4. Nevershoutnever LIVE


1. Buy a prom dress
2. Paint my bedroom
3. Meet a new/old friend
4. Sit for SPM
5. Study for SPM
6. Score 5 A's for SPM
7. Cook french food for Raya
8. Get a driving license


1. A Nevershoutnever band tee
2. A new teddy bear
3. A Chase Coy merchandise
4. New pair of pants
5. iPod Classic in Neon Green

·         What is your favorite outfit/set of clothes at the moment, please send us pictures and tell us why you like them.

Pictures? My phone's dead and my sister's cam is currently with someone else.. but my fave outfit is a floral dress  from COTTON ON and a military jacket from FOREVER 21

·         Put picture and show us your top favourite gadget, collections, toys, things or any items that you can't live without and tell us why

My one and only Walkman phone that I refuse to sell or exchange it with a new phone no matter how battered it is. It kinda has a story... I lost my old sony ericsson K*** at school and I got in a fight with a few of my friends and one mentioned that I kept changing phones... therefore I had decided not to change it with a new phone also it has my funniest moments with my bff :)


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