Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Forces of the Fs!

Day 2: Family & Friends

Tell us about your family structure and members. Tell us stories about your time spent with family. Bring us to become part of your family! (you may include pictures)
I don't actually know how to describe them as my family although I can give you a brief on what my family is all about. We have 7 members and we are a huge mess. We tend to get what we want no  matter what it takes but unlike other families we brace our problems together and together we manage to learn to share through our misgivings. We also carry huge burdens and sometimes we prefer to tend them with others. Like me, my family are artistic people. We love to imagine the things most people won't even think about and we love to express about ourselves one way another. Some people mistaken my family as a very rich family but we aren't at all. Like others, we face with so many things in life. 

We tirelessly work hard to get what we want and for the better for the family. We have to prove ourselves and others that this is what we were born to do. Its tiring but along the way, we get to experience the great treasures of life. Some people have thought that we were insane on what we do but the things that we do is always for our own benefit as well as others. 

Its hard to see us together as a family as we are all are always so busy with our lives. Though when we do, there are always something that isn't right. You see we don't normally get along cause there's always someone who destroys the bit of happiness we share. Also even if you do see us together its either just us siblings with my older brother out of sight or us siblings with my dad or my dad with my mum. We rarely goes out together as a family, either to the movies, out for the weekend or anywhere else. We just don't get along that way. Some times, it made me sad and envious to watch other families get along. Because no matter what we do, our past will always follows us and it haunts us for any bit of happiness we wish to obtain from one another.

We are all have a ghost story though its something too long and I rather not share. I wish I can take you along the ride into my family's life but our life isn't something I wish you all to ponder. Though its always something we all want for the ride.


Tell us who are your best friends and why do you like to hang out with them and the activities you all frequently do together.  (you may include pictures)
My best friends and I doesn't spend that much time together anymore. Its weird, I know but sometimes I realize that it's on my own mistake. You know how most best friends stay through to your life through thick and thin well my best friends are all that though its been a year since I last saw them and I feel like they have drifted away from me. I am no longer apart of their life but just someone who was there and gone away. Though I can tell you what we used to do that made us stick to each other.

My best friends and I are just three girls who wants more in life. We want to be apart of something big though it wasn't easy on any of us. So we ask for simple things in life. Like other girls in my age, we go out shopping in the weekend especially the holidays. We would go to Sungai Wang and invest our money on japanese boy bands, movies and clothes. We go out to watch movies and have lunch together. But mostly, we just hang around at my best friend's place listening to music and watch movies.
When you are meeting new people how do you describe yourself?
    How do I describe myself when I'm meeting new people? hmm....err...hehehe well... how can I say this? hmm.... well its not that easy for me? Ok to cut it short as short as it can be. I get nervous. tongue tied and extremely clumsy. According to some people or most, they said that it takes me awhile to  get really friendly with other people and that I'm pretty much snobby.
Is identity important to you and your friends? How important is standing out / being different to you and your friends?
It all depends on which friends are talking about. Like me and my best friends, we kinda find that identity is really important to us. Its the way we are presenting ourselves to the world. 

Standing out is what I end up doing when I told myself that I want to blend in not make a statement. It always end up that way for me. Its not something that its important but being different is always better than being a regular person. And its always been that way for my family. We just end up being the person who stands out more than others no matter how hard we try to blend in.

Does religion affect your choice of friends? Explain your answer
Never. Religion has never affect on my choice of friends. I'm an open minded person. I hate to stay in one place when I can be in thousands of places. That's how I feel when I chose my friends. I will always remind myself that religion,race and cultures is what gives me more knowledge and open my mind about the world. I'm a very curious person. I always wonder why and how english began to develope and whether or not the mythical creatures really exists. So when I choose my friends religion does not count and never will be.

How do you and your friends like to categorize people of your age group . i.e EMO, Skater, JPop, KPop fanatic, Hip Hop, Goth, freak, geek, shutterbug, others? What are the three most popular groups/looks amongst you and your friends?

Well if you want my current friends... err... I don't know cause they hate the whole stereotype thing. If my best friends and my old friends, Jpop,Kpop,Fanatic,Geek,Freak,Emo and Punk.

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