Sunday, May 23, 2010

the sixth

mostly, i use instant messaging or facebook to communicate with my friends. truth be told, i am a bit stingy because i rarely have any money at all. so on the days that i have phone credits, i save it for my loved ones like my besties and my boyfie :). well the pros and cons of each of them are, when using facebook or instant messaging it is totally free plus i can even attach photos, again, for FREE. while when i use my mobile, it costs me money, and the worst part is when i am having fun texting my friends, and my credits suddenly run out and then i have to wait a LONG time for my dad to come home so that i can use his car to go topup my phone credits. so the conversation kinda stops for a while. by the time i have credits, both my friends' moodand mine has already changed. *sighs*.

facebook kinds of makes my life better, really. coz it helps me connect with my friends. okay so there are a few things i hate about facebook but whatever, it still helps me find long lost friends, and even my teachers! since i use it everyday, i chat with my friends almost everyday. so we're really close now, thanks to social networking sites like facebook.

there are only two social networking sites that i am actively using. they are:
1. facebook.
i chose to have a facebook profile because well, all my friends and relatives were using it at that time. and now i'm too lazy to sign up for other profiles.

2. blogger.
i chose to use blogger because i wanted to own an online blog to share my feelings, and blogger is the site that i am most familiar with. i needed a place to write down whatever i wanted and i didn't want it to be lost in time. i knew that if i wrote it in a piece of paper, it will be lost someday. even though my blog is private and i am sharing my thoughts with myself mostly, it is good to express your feelings somewhere instead of keeping it bottled up inside. i rarely tell other people my problems as i always show that i am a happy person, so blogger has practically become my second best friend now :D. thank you, blogger.

i have 465 friends on facebook. i would say that maybe 100 or so are my closest friends starting from relatives to neighbours to primary school to secondary school to university. other than that are the friends of my friends or my not-really-close friends. there are a few people that i haven't met. i approved their friend requests in the first few weeks that i signed up for facebook because i was too excited to use it. now, i don't approve friend requests from strangers anymore. what for? it's not like i'm gonna contact them, or whatever.

i prefer to meet people for the first time face-to-face instead of online. because, personally i think that people can totally lie about who they are when online. plus, we can't see their face so its hard to tell whether or not they are joking or laughing or whatever. wouldn't it be more honest if we talked to a person face-to-face?

and lastly, i do NOT have twitter. i am too lazy to sign up.

the lazy bum,

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