Sunday, May 23, 2010

Divertissement !

Finally, a post where I'll have to put in LOTS of vids and pics. This one's gonna be really heavy on content, so stay tuned. And if you have a crappy internet connection, then désolée, you'd be missing all the fun.


To start, I hardly watch TV. When I used to watch TV, years ago, my favourite show was Mind Your Language (yes, that 80's show featuring Jeremy Brown and his myriad of international students). I don't know why it was stopped, let alone why people thought some of the comments were racist. I, like many other viewers, took it in good faith and we had a good laugh.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the show, here are some sneak peeks into what you've missed :

I also watched Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader ? and American Idol (right up to Archuleta's time, and after that, I stopped). Today, I watch anything that tickles my fancy on YouTube - but of late, my Kingdom Hearts Wiki friends have been persuading me to watch YuGiOh ! - The Abridged Series (YGOTAS for short). Two of the clips can be found in my previous post.


I'm not a follower of the fashion scene, so I can't say much about it.

Yet, I LOVE MUSIC. And yes, even though the mainstream really disappoints me, I try to find artistes which have my tastes. Most of my music info comes from the Net, especially fan sites with access to documents, news and/or updates from the artistes themselves. The rest of it comes from Twitter (as is the case for Coldplay and Taylor Swift).

I don't follow the English mainstream much because what I often hear on Fly FM and Hitz really disappoints me. And as you might've noticed in my previous posts, as you read on, you'd notice that most of the artistes I support are not household names. On my blog, I've stated (despite the two YGOTAS videos featuring Lady Gaga songs) that I hate Lady Gaga with a passion. Well, now, much less, after the single Alejandro was released. It seems to have a sound that echoes that of my favourite artistes (read on).

But still...

So, moving on, the artistes I like are mostly from the French scene. For instance, Alizée :

(Note, though, that the only time I really liked Alizée was when she was under the guidance of Mylène Farmer.)

Oh, and now that I speak about her, here's Mylène Farmer :

Despite her PG-13 to R-rated performances, Mylène Farmer remains my perennial favourite. The sad thing is, the live performance of my favourite song from her, C'est dans l'air, cannot be embedded, and I've no choice but to provide a link to the page.

And then, there's Zazie :

Shows how much I love French pop.

As for where I get my music, it varies. I either download, get it from friends or buy the album. The last album I bought was Alizée's third album, Psychédélices, but it was lacklustre compared to her first two. Now I've become all disillusioned with what she's become, and I've resolved to buy stuff from artistes whom I know are established. Here's the reason why I dislike Psychédélices :

A far cry from Moi Lolita (the first song of hers I placed in this post) and the time she was under Mylène Farmer. Honestly, I've no problems with her breaking free and creating her own identity, but I saw nothing particularly bad about the Lolita image she once had, as well as her previous style of vocals. Electronica is JUST NOT me, and that's also the same reason why I loathe most of Lady Gaga's songs. When I heard Mademoiselle Juliette I was like, okay, maybe this was a desired change....... until I saw the back cover of the album and instead of Universal Music Group, it read...... *gasp* Sony BMG.


On to the subject of books. I enjoy reading books, it's just that of late, I haven't bought any, I've hardly read any and I can't pick out a favourite out of the hundreds of books I read in my entire lifetime... well, perhaps the whole lot of Shakespeare I read, but otherwise, if I have to pick a favourite from the last few books I read, it'd be...

o2 jam Pictures, Images and Photos

Honk If You're Malaysian by Lydia Teh.

Seriously, if you haven't picked up that book, I say DO IT. NOW. :D Because I'm only going to put it down in one sentence : no one sums up Malaysian life with so much flair like Lydia Teh.

Alright, so I believe I've spoilt you guys with enough videos and ramblings of my outlandish tastes. Stay tuned for the next post, which I'll be putting up tomorrow morning !

À la prochaine !


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