Saturday, May 22, 2010

This one's gonna be really quick

I'm going to answer these in "interview form" as I did on my first post - this one's gonna be really quick.

What communication medium do you and your friends use the most to communicate through and why ? What are the pros and cons of each ?
It depends on the social circle. I'd say each of them has equal distribution - Twitter messages, Facebook messages, Kingdom Hearts/Kingdom Hearts Francophone messages, SMS.

The good thing about SMS, Twitter and Facebook messaging, as opposed to other messages, is that I get them on the go (yes, I sometimes use m.twitter and m.facebook). For other messages I'd have to wait a few hours until my classes end, and then return online.

Yet, on the flipside, the online messages are the ones that put a smile on my face more than the others. I don't know why, but they just do....... ^_^ Since it's not expressed in 450 characters (or worse, 120 characters), and it gives the sender the liberty to say what he has to say, it's more heartfelt.

Of course, the best medium of communication would be face-to-face conversation, but what am I talking about ? This is social networking !

Are social networking sites making your life better or worse ?
Well, I can't say it's changed my life for the better or the worse (Twitter's made it better, YouTube's made it better, but Facebook... um.......... I wish I could quit because of its ultra-relaxed privacy policies, but everyone's there. Yes, everyone).

List the number of online social networking sites which you are a member of, and why you choose to have an account/profile on each of them. What activities do you do on these sites ?

I've had a blog on Windows Live Spaces earlier, but the layout couldn't be customised as WL does not accept HTML and/or Javascript. In late 2007, I switched to Blogger because I knew of the functions : scheduling posts, customising layouts, and ultimately, being able to switch to one's own personal domain when the need arises. I jumped at the opportunity. I was initially asked to try Wordpress, but naw - it doesn't give me the flexibility that Blogger gives me.

Oh, and just so you know, YouthEcho, the site for which I used to write, was hosted on Wordpress.

Come on, status updates in 120 characters ? Quick peeks at what your friends are doing when you're in the middle of a boring class ? Statuses and pics in the middle of a shopping trip ? You know you want to. I'm known for replying and retweeting, though I often tweet about new works, projects and/or wiki developments.

Facebook (no link for this one, sorry, I'm not handing it that easily)
As I said, EVERYONE's on Facebook. I can't do anything about it.

I used to have it only for fan-made AMVs of the Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy series, but now, I've begun uploading my own works - National Service videos, drum practice vids and more recently, a cover (you can find a few of these vids here).

As for what I watch on YT, it varies. It could either be movie trailers, game trailers, original soundtracks (as in Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy and more recently, NieR Gestalt), video game footage (where I source for screenshots, strategies and/or renders), videos of my school choir performing, drum vids, and music vids. Oh, and Yu-Gi-Oh ! - The Abridged Series. :D Or YGOTAS, for short.

To entertain you with a little bit of YGOTAS, here are some funnies :

DeviantArt and Wikia
Wait, those aren't social networking sites, are they... ?

Sites which I used to be on include Friendster, Skyrock and I'm not sure what else - but I removed the accounts.

How many friends do you have on each account ?
Facebook - 400+.
Twitter -  95 followers, 72 following.
YouTube - Some 60+ friends, 37 subscribers.
DeviantArt - I'm not sure, but I think I only have ten watchers. And a few more friends than watchers.
Blogger - Thus far, only three people are following OH TEH NOES !.

And a lot more on Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts Francophone Wiki.

I have grown to know more about the friends whom I 'don't know', and thus, I'm proud to say that I know 99% of them.

Do you prefer to meet people for the first time online or face-to-face ? Why ?
Online, definitely, because it's a lot safer, and if I know the person is trying to sweet-talk his way, then he can't even THINK of meeting me face-to-face.

Who do you follow on Twitter ?
The majority of people whom I follow on Twitter are my friends. Notable personalities and/or groups in my abonnements include Paula Abdul, Coldplay, Project Hope, the members of the YouthSays team, Taylor Swift, Ryan Seacrest and the Twitter team themselves.

À plus !


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