Saturday, May 22, 2010

the fourth

i would say that money is very important to me. but, it does not necessarily make me happy. people say that money can't buy love. well sometimes it can. but not always. just sometimes. for instance, i use money for shopping, and shopping definitely makes me happy. but there are the moments when you just need someone beside you. the moments when even jimmy choo's can't make you happy. the moments when all you need is a cuddle and a kiss. those things are free, but sometimes you have to work for it. the main thing is, you don't need money to get all of those things. so sometimes you don't need money to be happy, but sometimes you do. but mostly you don't :)

when i'm studying, my dad gives me money. but for the holidays such as right now, he doesn't give me any money T.T .. so i am currently working part-time as an article writer. it doesn't pay much, though. sometimes i am required to write 2 articles a day and sometimes just 1. so i guess by the end of the month i'll get about rm100 or so. pathetic. can you imagine, writing articles for a whole month with a salary of only rm5 per article?? well i have searched everywhere on the internet and this is the average pay that everyone is offering. but hey, at least i'll have some money for mc donalds or a pair of shoes or whatever, right?

okay. when i want to buy something, i usually save up for it. the sad thing is, by the time i have enough money, the item is no longer available :( . sometimes if i really really need it i use great chances such as asking for it from my dad as my birthday present :P and this has totally worked before. haha. unfortunately, i can only ask for ONE birthday present. oh well. as long as i get something.

i think it is very important to my generation to have a strong work ethic and be hardworking at work. because personally i think that people are getting lazier and lazier these days. okay, perhaps not everyone. but there are some people that are like that. i think the youth from my generation needs to realize the value of money and work really hard for it. it is hard to be done because they all ask money from their parents or their boyfriends.

the current economic climate is BAAAAADD.... i would say that it is affecting my family perhaps a little, and it is definitely gonna affect my outlook on the future. damn, the future is going to be harsh. even right now the economic is getting worse, let alone the next 5 years. i think it is going to be hard for me to find a job with a high pay.

to me, the three coolest jobs in the world are:
a) a fashion designer, because you get to design really cool clothing and you must feel really proud when people are wearing them. you designed the clothes. you created a style. you're a trendsetter! plus, you get to design clothes just the way you like it instead of getting into trouble searching in malls for the styles that you really like.

b) a writer. because you write from your heart. you create a masterpiece that grips emotion. you give everyone a fun way to spend their time. and you create stories that comes from your own experience where no one else have gone through it the way you have.

c) a chef. because you satisfy everybody's tastebuds with the food that you have created. you make people happy. food plays a great role in setting people's emotions. you lighten up their mood with your cookings. what a great way to give something to the world.

and the three least cool jobs in the world are:
a) jobs that have to do with land and geography. because it is B.O.R.I.N.G.

b) a floor-sweeper in busy places. because people keep walking on the parts that you have already sweeped and now it's dirty again and you'll have to clean it all over again.

c) jobs that have to do with waxing. because it is so0o gross to wax other people's body parts, especially the you-know-where part.


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