Saturday, May 22, 2010


Day 5 : Going Online

How many hours do you go online everyday? What do you usually do in the online world?

My computer is on all day long, so hmm… I would say I go online for as long as I’m home. :) I usually visit sites like ETSY ; MY EMAIL ACCOUNTS ; RANDOM FUN SITES ; and also to maintain my website. Not much to do, but I’m addicted to it, because I have a tendency to keep checking on something (i.e. my email). It’s a very bad habit…

When you go online and interact with other users, do you use any nickname/alias profiles online? Tell us why you use it or don’t use it.

I use the alias Joey Yap. I use it because it is very common, (and some may even think it’s that Feng Shui man) and I’m safer that way.

Have you become good friends with people you first met online? Tell us stories of how you make friends in the online world. How do you know whether to trust them or not?

So far, I don’t have any good friends online yet. Even though we all know that the other person on the other side of the line is human, yet there’s this little person in my head always cautioning me. He’s rather annoying, but better safe than sorry, I guess.

Tell us if your parents monitor what you access online? Is it effective, or do you know ways around the controls? What do your parents think about you going online all the time?

Hmm, I don’t visit stupid sites, so my parents don’t monitor me. But for those who do, I don’t think that monitoring will be effective. Nowadays, there’s this chip and programming stuff out there to help monitor, but someway somehow, if you prevent them from going through the front door, they’ll use the window.
My parents don’t really like me going online all the time… but as long as I do what I should do, then no complaints.

Do you think the online world has made you to become more disconnected with your friends?
No, for me, I don’t become more disconnected (because I don’t really use Facebook stuff or Twitter etc.). I still talk to them at school, on the phone.
But I do believe that excessive roaming about in the online world, does cause one to be disconnected from reality.

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