Saturday, May 22, 2010

I've lost track of my studying time

Day 4 : Work and Money

Q1 : How important is money to you? Tell us what do you think about money.

I really hate this question, you know why? Because I just wrote an essay about the
importance of Money for my mid year Eng exam a couple of days ago and my brain
is really worn out from it but for your sake, I'll talk a bit.

Money is very important to me, as you know I like to updated like the latest gadgets.
I know that I don't pay for most of them now but I'll soon need to right. I also spend a lot
on my musical equipment & related stuff, I bought a new guitar last week

Then when you have a guitar, there's always a time where you have to change the string,
get a nice case for it, and send in for service. Which requires an amount of money.

I think we're enslaved by money, don't you?

Q2 : Where do you get your money? Do you have a part-time job or do you receive an allowance from your parents, or both? Have you done any part time jobs before to earn your allowance?

My parents mostly, I've always wanted to try a part time job for the experience but never
done it before. I help sell brand new guitars and amps sometimes! Now you know
who to contact when you wanna get your first guitar! Then I also get paid through online sites
like Nuffnang and Youthsays.
Q3 : If you want to buy something, do you usually save up or will you get it straightaway compare?

I would take in some serious consideration about it first, find that perfect 'one' and just
aim high for it. If it's really expensive I would usually ask my parents to pay in a bit :)
But I kinda have all that I want now, so I don't really spend that much on new things.
Maybe just for outings with friends and such stuff.

Q4 : How important to your generation is having a strong work ethic and be hardworking in work?

How important? Well, very. Do you know how many people there is in the world?
I don't either but I'm sure a hell lot and if you don't work properly you're just gonna get
replace. As simple as that. Besides that, when you work harder you'll most probably
be promoted or have a higher pay! But something to keep in mind is, work smart,
not hard. Don't waste your time.

Q5 : What do you think about the current economic climate? Did it affect you, your family and your outlook on the future?
Currently it's stable, couple of months ago it was in a shitty state I guess. I think it would
somehow in someway affect everyone. To my family, we had to spend less. You know, cut
down on expenses. It didn't affect my future though, I doubt anything would. I really have high
hopes on my future, whatever it is I'll be. I pray that it'll be awesome.

Q6 : What do you think are the three coolest jobs in the world and why? What are the three jobs least coolest job in the world, and why?

Coolest jobs eh, a rockstar I guess. Getting payed to play your music. Being famous,
on stage in front of thousands of fans screaming your name out. Having fan sites,
shirts signed and sold for thousands on eBay, and a custom made guitar haha.
Crazy but it's true.

A professional football ain't that bad either. Yes the one's like Rooney, Messi and Ronaldo.
The too play and get paid, hundreds of thousands. That doesn't include the ads they
do. Gosh they get all their equipments sponsored too! They pay them the money
to buy the equipments, but then companies will sponsor them the equipments.
Then they're just left with the money, tell me that's awesome.

Lastly, it would most probably having my own guitar business. It would be a dream
to have my own line of guitars, my designs. Competing will all the other brands
like Epiphone and Gibson. My guitars being used by other performers. My own shops
all over the world. I can just walk into the shop and pick and guitar out and
walk out!

I realized all of the 'jobs' above are, kinda crazy but it's worth aiming for. Nothing
to lose. Gotta start working hard, alright I'm off to study for tmrw's exam!

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