Saturday, May 22, 2010

the fifth. halfway through!

honestly, i go online about 24 hours a day except if i'm out. lol. sometimes, when i'm out, i bring my laptop along to go online at kopitiams. am i an online freak? gosh. okay so maybe minus 10 hours for when i go to sleep which means..... 14 hours a day, eh? wow. the first thing i do when going online is check my email because my boss sends me my work through email. the second thing that i definitely do everyday being online is checking the updates of online shopping blogs. even if i don't have money, it gives me the pleasure when i look at all those preeeeeety clothes and bags and shoes and accessories. yup, that's all i'm capable of. window shopping. if i'm in the mood, i update my personal blog and the last thing i do is check my friends' facebook updates. my profile rarely has updates since i'm not that interesting T.T so no one comments me, really. the one thing that i never sign out of except for when i'm asleep is yahoo messenger. i used to chat a lot but now i guess everyone's bored of me. or maybe they're busy. i rarely chat online now. i guess it's coz all my friends get to go out and have fun when i have to stay at home coz i don't have any money. pity me.

in the past, i used nicknames when i go online. but now i use my real name since i think it's so childish to use weird nicknames. okay so maybe only a few nicknames are childish. i don't think i am fully an adult yet. i also think that using nicknames shows that you are not confident of who you are, or maybe you are ashamed of who you are. real friends like for who you are, not who you make up to be yourself. the only profile that i am actively using is facebook. i am too lazy to sign up for other profiles plus i think i'll just add the same friends anyway. so what's the point of having lots of profiles? i only use online profiles to connect with friends because i hardly meet them. okay i'm such a boring person, aren't i?

i used to love making friends with people i meet online. we used to be good friends. i wouldn't trust people i meet online coz a lot of people aren't telling the truth about who they are. but now i find that it is more interesting to be friends with people i actually know. what i personally hate is guys who is trying to flirt online. if you really want to get to know a girl, why hide inside the virtual world? come show me who you are and flirt with me face to face. i'd rather flirt with a confident guy than a coward.

my dad sometimes turns off the internet modem because my brother and i go online 24/7. the sad part is that i am always in the middle of chatting online with my friends whenever he does that. bummer. i don't think it's effective because it does not change me whatsoever. it does not make me feel like going online less. it just makes me wait for him to turn it on again or for him to go to work so that i can turn it on myself. haha.

i think that the online world has made me even closer with friends. due to my zero money, it is hard for me to reload my phone's credits and contact them. contacting my friends via online is free, plus i can chat with them even when they're far away. so even if i can't meet them in the real world, i can still meet them in the virtual world. hence, the bond between us will never break. don't you just love having internet at home? <3


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