Thursday, May 27, 2010

GLEEEE!..And,oh,other TV Shows.

TV shows are my favorite!
I LOVE watching GLEE.

Hillarious I tell you and the songs are amazing. Everytime I see an episode, I download the music. I even have my very own GLEE piture :D

HOMG minta puji.



I also watch Gossip Girl (Chuck Bass!!), Desperate Housewives, So You Think You Can Dance, Ghost Whisperer, 90210 etc.

PLENTY. I'm like a television show addict.

Usually I watch them online because I can't keep up on TV due to my activities and my chores.

Music and Fashion. I love them both equally. Okay,not so,fashion takes the crown. I download music according to what I hear and like,not just the latest music. I still love 90's music..they are the best! :D
Fashion is what I love most so I usually visit fashion blogs (there are links in my blog). Gorgeous people wearing gorgeous things. Ahhh. I know the latest trends even BEFORE people start wearing them.
I gave up buying magazines because its a waste of my money.

I don't have a favorite band. I like all types of music from Jazz to RnB to Indie to Pop. I like a variety so my favorite music could change. I am now listening to Anya Marina, Snow Patrol, FM Static, Ne-Yo, Coconut Records, Owl City (The Saltwater Room is my all time favorite!) and more. Usually I just download my music.

I've been reading story books since I was a kindergarden kid. My whole family are bookworms. I seriously don't remember the last book I read because I now download my books online (:

I usually find new information through reading blogs and talking to people. People tend to write about alot of things and I like to do my reasearch also.

Visit! :D

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