Monday, May 31, 2010

Material Girl

I don’t really agree with people who think paying for branded things is nonsense. I believe that we are paying for the quality of it and the workmanship.

Favorite Brands :
1) Forever21 – They are so fabulous!
2) Apple – Because they have nice designs!
3) Puffin Books – They’re nice. :)

The two advertisements I like :

They’re very funny, check them out!

Nope, as far I know, I’m not embarrassed to be associated with any brand. Except for armpit deodorants. Hehe.

No, religion does not influence my choice of brands and products. I can buy any sort of product because I’m a buddhist, and as far as I know it, we can eat anything and use anything. Or maybe that’s because my religious knowledge is not enough. :)

Usually, I use whatever brand I like, friends and family have little to do with it.

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