Saturday, May 22, 2010


3 favourite (seen read listened) items to share:
(i) 'Airplanes' by Eminem and Hayley Williams
(ii) The Economics Naturalist
(iii) Doraemon comic

2010 'MUST SEE'(i) Tekken movie
(ii) MPO performance
(iii) All Box Office movies

2010 'MUST DO'
(i) Pick up my music intruments
(ii) Get 80++ in all my subjects(iii) Get fit and under 48 kg

2010 'MUST HAVE'(i) More movie
(ii) Foreign food
(iii) Travel alone

Favourite outfit:Simple and comfortable.
I'm not much of a fashion icon.
But one thing for sure, to me: comfort is EVERYTHING!
What's has favourite red colour!

Can't live without.....

An awesome Apple invention....
Music keeps me sane.

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