Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Matrix

Hello and Howdy

Today is an exciting day for me. Even though my graphic card is gone, I managed to do a few design and a few photomanipulation technique on several pictures that was captured years ago. It's a really slowww process without my graphic card, but I've done it. Now, waiting for my sister to come back ans ask her to buy a new one for me. Haha. Hopefully she will.

Anyway, lets get straight to the topic. For today's topic is Going Online. Yeah, interesting huh. Usually, my life start with me checking email. I got hundreds of email a day. So, to optimized my day, I only check the email which is important only. If I have something to do that day, I'll straight away close the email and go do what ever I have to do. If don't, I just messing around with my computer, design, or try to finish the unfinished project. I'm not a really big fan of Facebook. I normally just open Facebook twice a week. Unless something happened in Facebook or some opportunity rises. I like to do research or homework online. The main search engine that I'll use is of course Google and the other one is YouTube. For graphic design, I'll find the idea by going through all the artwork on DeviantArt.com. You should check it out sometimes. It is really nice especially if you are a graphic designer. Totally, I'll spend my time online or messing with computer stuff about 5-8 hours a day.

Of course we interact with people when we are online right. Unless you are a silent visitor who often follow others blog and not leaving any comment or rate it. For me, that kind of interaction is really important. It actually keeps the owner of the website filled with adrenaline to do the best on what he does best. It really is. I know laa, I used to have multiple website in a single time. For some people, they might say that it might be cool to use a nickname instead of real name to interact with people online. Yeah, it is. But for some reason, I'll use my own name for serious stuff like this one or any other serious project. For the fun2 part, I don;t really use my really name. Instead, I used WinGeek as my nickname in a chat room or something. And for some security reason, I don't use the P2P software for chatting or anything else. It will expose my computer to the public and I don't like it.

Anyone you met online become your good friend? Yeah, not all laa but some do. So of them are pretty famous in the online world like Andrew Kramer from VideoCopilot.net, FrediDew from YouTube, Chris from Geek.com. One German guy I met at Vimeo.com turn up to be my very good friend. We work together on a project for International Film Festival 2009. He did the audio and 3D part and I did the Special Effect and Design. The pitch actually come from him. He write everything and I helped him to make it reality. Its not easy to find people that you can truly trust online though. You must be very2 careful for that.

My parents monitor my access to the online world? Of course, they even know my email password. Sound awful to some of you right? Actually it's really not. It even makes my life easier. Especially when I'm traveling. You know what it's like to travel in Malaysia. It's very hard to find as internet connection. So, I just call my mother and ask her to check mu email. Last time, when I was in Kuala Terengganu, my plan was to go back to Sungai Petani. But when I called my mother, she told me that I have a call back in KL in a few days of time. So, canceled my plan to Sungai Petani, and straight to to KL. That saved me a couple of hundred ringgit. BTW, I still have the second email the my parents don't know. Haha.

Online world has made you disconnected from your real world friends? Not at all. Almost all my real world friends are also my online friends. They are all over the place. Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Yahoo Messenger. So, its not really a problem. We often go out together though, at least once a week. It truly not a problem. In some cases, the online world makes my life easier.

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