Sunday, May 23, 2010

Money + Kerja ???

Money is important?? Why??
....Before I born into this world....
My parents need money to go for monthly check-up ~
My mum need money to buy many healthy food to eat to have a HEALTHY ME = )
My mum need to be hospitalized when is around the time I birth ~
....When I born into this world....
I need money for the hospital fees..
I need  money for the milk I drink ...
I need money for the baby clothes I wear ~
I need moneyto go see doctor..
I need money for vaccines myself ..
I need money to buy some toy to plays.. 
...When I get OLDER ...
I need money to go pre-elementary school/kindergarten
I need money to go primary school..
I need money to go high-school..
I need money to College.
I need money for transport to go other places..
I need money to eat & drink ..
I need money to hang out with my friends..
I need money to stay connected with my friends to top-up my phone credit...

Do u see the importance of the MONEY now?? 
Without money,
I wont be here blogging..
Without money,
I am totally nothing now = (

Where is my source of income come from??

When I am a child, 
I only depends on my parents ~
But now..
I will try to ease my family burden to the minimum ..
From time to time.. 
I will work as a part time promoter or as a tuition teacher ~
But most of the income is come from my sis and bro ~
Since they are working and I am not ~
So every month, each of them will give RM50/100 for me = )
Lately, I really lack of money..
planning to go work as waiter nearby my hse..
I really need a job to earn some money to use : (

When I need to buy something ..
I will COMPARE it for sure..
I need to compare which price is more affordable n better ~
I can say I am really a COMMERCIAL BUYER...
I will not simply buy a thing straight away .. 
*except I am left to no choice*
I think I have become a commercial buyer bcoz my wallet really not enough if money : (
So I have to think properly to buy a thing..
when thing come worst like I am totally broke ..
I will think of a evil idea to cheat to other buy for me wakaka * evil laugh*

Importance of having a strong work ethic and be hardworking in work? 
Personally, I think that we MUST and NEED a strong-work ethic and be hardworking in work!
WE should not get the salary without giving any effort on it ..
Lets have a role play first ~
if u are a boss of a company..
what do u expect from ur workers??
Yupz!! we need hardworking and strong work ethic workers!!
If they are not, the boss will not gain any profit..
So pls, think it in the vice-versa ways ~
If we are not having this good attitude, what do u expect from the company or boss?

Current economy CLIMATE?
Everything is going up, up and UP!!! 
Everything is increasing!! 
It only make the poor citizens like me to no choice to make ; (

Don't you think is funny??
Everything is increasing.. 
but why don't the salary in the worker in Malaysia increase too??
Everything going up ~
but the money value is going down ...
It have to make me eat lesser, buy lesser, play lesser..
Just make me use everything lesser : (
But since I still can have food to eat and have place to stay and have  clothes to wear,.
I think the economy state is okay for me, rite??*doubting* : (

  1. Actor/Singer/ Entertainment People - They are good in controlling the emotions.. they can hide their emotion and pretend to be happy in the public. Not everyone can be do it = )
  2. Father/Mother - these are the ppl have to worry about their child for the whole life.. I not sure whether I can stand wit the feeling of worrying a ppl the whole life though = /
  3. Bitches- Yea, is funny for me to write it as one of the coolest job in the world  xD why i write so?? because do u think is easy to be a bitches and hate by a lot of people ??@.@ Well, not for me.. I dun like to be hate by other ppl ~
  1. GOOD People
  2. GOOD People
  3. GOOD People
Being a GOOD people will always been BULLY, be MAKE FUN n etc by others : (
Is NOT COOL to be a good people!! GOOD people will always be a easy target by the BAD people = /

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