Saturday, May 22, 2010

money many come to me ! haha

M.O.N.E.Y. - evrything in this world need money ! to buy food, clothes, water to drink, place to stay etc. money makes the world go around ! hahaha. sad to admit it but we need money to survive. nothing is free in this world right? we even need to pay for the land we step on now(taxes etc) . we need money ppl. in drama they said we need love not money, yeah right.... we need it. we need it.... hahahaha. without money, how are we suppose to provide food, house to stay for our family and other basic necessity? see.... we need money :D

where do i get money?
my parents provide me with pocket money a.k.a allowance every month. eventhough its not much, its enough for me. since i rarely go out with my friends. when im out with my parents, they will buy things for me. so its a benefit to go out with your parents ! hahaha. oppsss. hehehe. its the truth :D at the same time, i can save my money. hahahaha.

in order to be successful in life, do you need to be hardworking?
absolutely yes! eventhough im quite lazy before, but now i wont repeated the same mistake anymore ! i want to make my family proud of me no matter what profession i enter in the future :D i will work hard to do that :) if i bcome a successful person, money money ! hahaha. i can get alot of money. just kidding :D

hurmm.. about current economics climate, economics is like life to. theres ups and down. its the moment of truth. who can survive the crisis and rise again , become stronger than before :)

to be honest, it does affect my family a bit. for example. i want to be an accountant. but since the current economics crisis, my parents encourage me to be a teacher because it will be more secure to go with. financially, it does not. my mom is a saver :D *proud with u mamy!* dont get me wrong. we does have our up and down in our family. but it was few years ago. since that time, we save money in case we will face some difficulties again :D

errmmmm.... three coolest job in the world?

1. teacher ! without them, we will not be anywhere we are now :) its all start with a teacher ^^ ! because they fight for justice? haha. cool ! they using coats etc :D

3. food expert ! they get to eat free without buying it! isnt it great?!

three most uncoolest job in the world?

1. maid - they have to work hard but they earn small amount of money :( unless they work for rich community, then they will get a large amount of money. but its still not cool ok. doing chores for somebody who suppose to do it themselves.

2. any job that involve guns and bombs :| scary. not cool at all

3. any job that need ppl to work with bacteria. can get infected ok? who knows~

thank you for reading this post :) hope you enjoy it (n_n)

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