Saturday, May 22, 2010

$_$ ~ yeah... i love u $$$

Well, who doesnt ??? Money makes the world go round. It`s the heart of living. No, dont say LOVE is... try taking ur love into a bank and try to bank it in...  Even the pak guard will laugh at you.. Yes, of course love is IMPORTANT. But not as important as u need money to buy ur loved one a warm home somewhere in the suburbs ~ haha. Yeah, I WIN !

I finished my school last year, after that, in January, i was selected to join the NS @ PLKN. So, i went there, from January to March. For sure im not working, yet, i got RM450 allowance from the government. After NS, i stayed at home doing nothing. I tried to look for a part time job, but no luck. So, i stay home laa ~
I got allowance from my dad. Doing nothing at home, getting allowance, i saved it all up. Though i did spent some while hanging out with friends.. *Typical me ~ boros...


Usually when i want something, i save up. Yet, i still tell my dad i want it. Just in case luck was on my side ~
 I save up often, but in the end my dad will sympathize on my so-called 'effort' and eventually he`ll buy it for me.. haha. And my 'saved up' money will eventually goes into my shopping allowance ~ yeah... i know.. im a spoiled brat!

Dai Ichhi

You know what i love about the Japaneses. No, not its kawaii people. Not even their street style fashion. No, not that too. Its their work ethics. I wrote about this once in my personal blog... But not actually on work ethics topic, i was arguing bout the language.. here, cekidout. 

Well, back to my topic.Here `s a piece of my mind. 
Work commitment or attachment to work. When u are really committed to doing certain work, there will always be efforts and willingness to strive. And also, PRECISION. 

I once read somewhere which said ; 

"Malaysians must give up their “lebih kurang” attitude and adopt “precision” to be a competitive nation." 

I really ~ greatly ~ strongly think that the youth generation should adapt some of the Japanese work ethics. Especially to those who got the chance to study or work in Japan. In Japan, even the train is as precise as the sun to rise every morning. Kalau la kat Kl Central pon boley tepat macam tu, takpayah la aku lari2 kejar train nak sampai, i could always count on the jadual instead ~ haha
There is a sense of urgency in whatever they do. Despite the fact that commuter trains leave their stations every minute, you see Japanese commuters half running in order to catch the earlier train. Fuyoo ~!


Coolest job in the world.

Bike Rider-Photographer for Google Maps
How much cool could it be working on bike, just cycling around streets of famous places. The tricycle is a sight with its long pole, holding cameras, GPS , computer and generator.

Luxury Bed Tester

Believe me, there is such work. Who do you think tested all those expensive beds before it got into the market? Robots ? 

Coolest job on planet!! Hey, human doctor ask if their patient is sick, a Vet ~ look for the sickness...animal CANT talk...

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