Sunday, May 23, 2010

MY Family and My Girls :)

This is my dad. I love him very much,even though he is extremely stubborn and won't stop smoking. But he's very wise,he never scolded me. If I made a mistake he would just advise me calmly and even that would make me upset.

I don't really talk with him,because he's kind of a quiet man. But sometimes he'll do funny things that can make us laugh! Especially when we were little. What I like about him is that he trust me and isn't overbearing and controlling. And I don't want to ruin that.

I lost my mum when I was 10 due to cancer, I didn't understand much that time but it hurt all of us to see her gone. It was the first time I saw my daddy cry.
But we have a new stepmum now and also a new baby boy (coming soon).

This is the youngest of my other 2 siblings,the other one doesn't like to take pictures =.=
We have a good relationship,we sometimes do things to make each other laugh too and we help each other. Yes,we fight sometimes and scream till the house breaks down but we always get over that.

This is family too! My baby Mimit :)
When I was about 8 years old, I went fishing at the sungai nearby my house with my grandma and brother. When we were walking back,we heard a 'Meow' coming from a nearby parit.
Lo and behold! It was Mimit,all tied up and shivering. So kesian :((
How could someone be so evil? Ever since that,we kept her under our wing :)

This is my girls,we are the Mowski Kowskis! Fate bought us together,we love to spend time together and talk during dancing practice. We are a dancing group,although not the best but we dont mind. From left is Ryta,Maria,Me and Faith.

This is Faith,we're always together. Sometimes we do things like this,I have no idea why. But it cracks us up.
Faith: "Blend! Blend!"

When I meet new people I normally say Hi and introduce my name but I rarely describe myself ahaha
I don't know if identity is important or not? We don't really try to stand out and be different,we just like to be normal.

Religion is no barrier! So,no it doesn't affect my choice of friends. I'm friends with people who want to be friends with me. I don't understand when people choose friends according to religion, I mean people are people, we're all the same. If someone were to choose friends according to religion then I'd like to know why too.
I think you should choose friends based on how they are and what personalities that they have.
It's the same concept as racism!

I thought only Ang Mo people do stereotypes?
I can't think of any groups here in my place. Almost everyone is anyone's friend. We may have our little tiny group of friends but that doesn't mean we don't talk to other people. And we don't surely stereotype ourselves as emo or skater or dancer group. Most of the little groups here are like "best friend" groups.

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