Thursday, May 20, 2010

my youthful lyfe,,

me, my day, n my thoughts,,,

according to ME:
1. whats the greatest thing being a youth?? well,, if u ask the crazy head of mine,, all i can say is being youth is how u being young,,  getting to be young and free.. whats more exciting than that,, however, not necessarily being young is relying on your appearance or how your wrinkles go away using the commercially promoted anti-aging serum sold in the market,, but its being young at ur heart and mind,, that’s just what’s count,, and I hope I stick to that even until I became a granny,, and how r u going to stay young?? Well,, take a deep breath and get on to the roller coaster ride,, for me the world are filled with way much of excitement at every split second,, and im just way too young to just miss it,, sumtym,, we need to shake off a little and take the risk,, if it’s a cab im in,, then it’ll feel like a plane,,

then again,, if dat what's being youth is all about,, well then,, what will be the future of my generation?? Well,, even so,, the real fact of being in the emotional ups and down roller coaster,, is that,, I need to face everything by not running from it,, and that is when the chronicles of building a mature and wise head of mine is really start to get going and it wont see the stop sign so easily,, I mean,, well,, people always say that the real important thing is for u to enjoy,, well then, flip into my dictionary,, enjoy means get ur priorities ahead of u,, get ur job done fers before u can really feel it all without getting suffocated in ur mind,,, that’s the main goal I tell you,, but as any other goal,, to reach the ultimate goal,, u have to conquer the smaller league first,, that’s because enjoyment wont last long if u are not well prepared,, clearly, at this point u cannot keep depending on others as well,, I must at least have my own initiative to bring down all the challenges ahead,, how to cope with family and friends,, how to use all the knowledges i gain,, how to learn from all of my mistakes and for me, the most hardest part to overcome,, is the fear inside,, fear of what the future would bring about.. I cant tell that I have a bright future or am I potential to have a great life ahead,, because the future are not to be seen,, but all we can do is that we plan for it and take a move ahead to see the results.. there will be no boundaries for experience in lyfe I say.. Know why people always say,, “its ok u did ur best already”?? Well, that’s because when we give all that we had,, no matter what the outcome is deep in our heart,, we already get the feeling of satisfaction.. And this is what will get us back on our feet not as a defeated man but more glorified than before… actually,, most people will also think the same,, just dat maybe they didn’t think they thought about it,, once we snap out of it. eureka,, its rite in front of us,, my generation maybe a little slightly off the correct track,, cant deny, most of us count ENJOY as enjoying themselves without thinking the consequences, or shud I say not so mature,, but if chances are given,, their experiences are just what they need to make great leaders.. or shud I say that’s just what I need to make better decisions in lyfe,, coz, who am i trying to convince here,, except for me,, n me,, and me,, well of coz u guys too,,=p

2. are being rebellious are the nature of youth today?? hurm,, in this case,, i cant say that all are rebellious,, coz i dont know all,, but if its me,, well,, yeah,, i tend to be a bit rebellious sumtym,, when my patience is at its limit,, its part of growing up i say,, but well,, im not the type of gurl who wud gone mad just like that,, i bare with what i can bare,, i dun like to make fuss and grudge with others unless its sumting that is seem to be over the dose..hehe well,, dun blame me,, im still young and my mind is not that wise yet,, but im training to be ok,, so sumtym my judgements can be a little slack off moreover if im being provoked for upteen times,, well,, as for my experience.. i didnt really done anything big yet,, however,, there was one time,, i had it with the peer pressure or shud i say roomate pressure.. i had it being the maid inside the room,, if u can understand what im saying,, and i end up letting all the housechores undone,, just to teach her a lesson-which is to be more considerate about others,, and stop being so lazy,, not to mention stop using my things without telling me fers,, coz i really dislikes people who does that,, huhu

3. are youth today had a much more easier life than the earlier generations??
this one,, we can see it for ourselves,, well,, heres the clue, if u live in a busy town these days,, just peek outside the window,, u might easily see a porch with two cars, a large and cozy schools, busses, cabs, libraries, banks, atm machines, super big and bigger malls, J cards, popular cards,, life insurance cards,, oohh,, ok,, i may be exaggerated a bit.. but thats the facts,, the advancements of technologies and the rapid developments of the world not to mention the non-stop urbanisations,, i can never say we live in a hard life today,, to be exact,, youth today are born in a very blessed and easy life.. for example, chances for a much higher educations in today's time are so bright,, we have all sorts of scholarships and education loans and all we gotta do is to score and collects some A's. and schools today are much more sophisticated, i still remember switching from using the old projecter in school into a much more WOW projecter hanging at the ceiling and all we gotta do is put the pendrive on its socket and everything is projected from the lappy to the screen,,, these sorts of technologies are not experience by the earlier generations.. some of them didnt even finish school or enter university due to financial problems,, another gud example, is the facts we have the internet,, which is a very wide source of informations and knowledges,, which all lays at the tips of my fingers,, just google the thing,, almost thousands of search results will pop out,, what can be more easier than dat?? even cool,, we can share our thoughts and get connected with frens and family tru it.. like this blog for exmple,, i didnt have to mail letters like the time before rite...
however,, i must admit,, nothing can be that gud,, there is always the cons to the pros rite,, i mean when there is so much technology,, people tend to be lazy to think,, and less hadships means less experience,, for example,, i dun even know how to make a real homemade porridge which supposed to be simple coz i never made one,, i dun think i need to learn how coz there are instant porridge products sold at the markets,, and many more instant products.. well,, thats a one minus point to the homemade cooking skill for me,,huhu
also,, if we see to a bigger picture,, people tend to take advantage of the easy life and try making their life way too easy-be the rich one and crush the others,, i dun need to explain much, the increasing numbers of crime rates, deforestations, corruptions should do the talking.. well,, what else is new rite,,

4. what wud be my greatest fear?? LIPAN and BIAWAK!!! denifitely both of it for sure,,
i dunno why,, but i have these fobia to centipedes since i was a little,, hearing the name can make me shivver and insecure,, often,, i feel like its at my feet,, an almost like real hallucination that i hate..  and i also cant stand biawak, or the monitor lizard,, because,, urm,, maybe its because,, they ate my kitties,, i dunno why i can see crocs as a beautiful creature but not them,,huhu,,,
and the one thing i fear most is to be left alone,, i hate to be left alone,, coz during that tym,, my imaginations can be really out of control,,huhu

5. what makes me happy?? urm,, my love ones,, by seeing their faces,, hearing their voices,, touching hands,, well all dat wud make me happy,, and i'll be ultimately happy when they are happy,, =p

6. what is my most difficult thing ive overcome so far??
well,, its prob peer pressure i think,, during my form 3 my mum
had me moved from my school and went to a whole gurls school since it has a bigger chance for me to get admit into gov boarding school after pmr,, since my previous school is an entire private school and im not being biased here,, but due to my sis experiences, the gov school are being choosy.. well,, at that school, i have several friends that i already knew,, in fact got this one girl in my class, sitting in the front of my desk, who is actually one of my best fren from my previous school, only she moved out in form two,, and im a year later,, and she be friended with gurls that used to be my primary schoolmates.. well, tell me how small the earth are..  urm,, i had a pretty hard tym to fit myself into the picture.. to make this easier,, my friend is sort of got a little bit carried away with enjoyments,, she got along with frens that are not of the gud influence.. lets just say,, its the tym they priorties being stylish and have bf more than studying for PMR,, i was caught in the middle,, my fren was quite a big influence too,, since i opposed her and stick to the books,, i was being called snobbish and just acting nice,, things got a lot more worse when, i got selected to be in the debate team where only form 5 students were selected.. being new and young student to get selected into a big competition is a big deal when it comes to dissatisfactions and jealousy,, its the worse,, due to that matter,, most of my classmates have this slack impressions towards me.. i was pretty depressives,, but luckily,, there are also gurls,, that treat me the same,, and i just had to bare myself with my besty big mouth and just focus on my studies,, its only a year,, but that year seems to be avery long year,, that i cant wait to finish it.. but by mixing myself with the other smart gurls in class,, i learnt how to not listen too all the craps people is talking bout me,, coz only i know the real fact.. so be it,,

7. between friends and family??? if u asked me thousands times,, the answer can only be one,, FAMILY of course,, becoz for me, my family is everything,, friends can come and go,, and only few which is the true frens will stick to us till d end,, but if its family,,, from the day u r born till the day u r dead,, the blood ties can never be eliminated,, changed or replace.. no matter how awful i am,, my family wud never abandoned me,, so i have no reason to abandon them,, hurm,, i wud never will choose friends over family i guess,, not even boy friend, well unless he becomes my hubby then i need to reconsider,,hehe =p

well,, i may be babbling stuff but all i have is my thoughts,, im just an ordinary gurl living ordinary life,, but there sumtin extraordinary bout me that u ought to find it out,, all i can say is,, i never regret the things that i've done, i regret what i didn't do when i had the chance..yeah!!


this song is the one inspires me a lot,, in living the youthful me!! enjoy!!

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