Monday, May 24, 2010

Of facebook and msn

Communication mediums that I use are

-The phone

Cause it’s accessible and reliable. And it’s with us wherever we go. But money is needed to use this service and since we’re bloody kiasu we usually wait will we get home to use the net. Which brings me to another medium of communication…

- Facebook
Because it’s AWESOME.

I don’t think Facebook has any flaws. I mean ya la, you can get your identity stolen and that kind of shit but if you’re smart eno
ugh you’d be safe.

-Windows Messenger

Me and my friends only use this when we have serious shit to t
alk about. Serious shit like:

(Bobby appears to be online.)
Bobby's conversation with Vinod:

Bobby: Vinod...

Bobby: Vinod!

(Bobby nudges Vinod)

Bobby: VINOD!!!

Vinod: What?!

Bobby: Ay, can get me a glass of water ar?

Vinod: Go get it yourself la! Downstairs only what!

Bobby: Lazy laaa... Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

Vinod: Fuck you.

(Mindy appears to be online)

Bobby's conversation with Mindy:
Bobby: Mindy

Mindy: Watsup?

Bobby: Can get me a glass of water ar?

Mindy: Uhh...
(Mindy appears offline)

(Praveent signed in)

Bobby's conversation with Praveent:

Bobby: ay, get me a glass of water.

Praveent: Go get it yourself la!

Bobby: GO laaa!!!

Praveent: Why me?!
Bobby: Fucker, don't ask so much question can or not? I help a lot already right?

Praveent: Dowan


(Bobby changes his name to some random girl's name)

Praveent's Conversation:

somerandomgirl'sname: Praveent =D
Praveent: Hi :) Who is this?

somerandomgirl'sname: got la. can you do me a favor? get bobby a glass of water pleeeeeease ;)
Praveent: okay :)

(Praveent appears to be 'Away')

(Praveent appears 'Online')

Praveent: We're out of water so I gave him a can of Coke I found in the fridge. Anyway, what's your name? :)

(somerandomgirl'sname appears to be 'Offline')

Praveent's Facebook status: I think I'm in love!
Bobby's Facebook status: Con people
Jonathan's Facebook status: Who the fuck stole my C
oke?! (Bobby 'like'-ed this)


This was done by a friend- Hadi. This is the link to his blog

The flaws of Msn? People like me will post your conversations in national blogs like these =)

Facebook has made my life better. I mean
, who wouldn’t be happy when they are able to keep in contact with family and friends 24/7?

When I’m Fb-ing (yes, I’m pretty sure that’s a word now) I usually catch up with my close group of girlfriends, there are rare occasi
ons when I play some of the games provided but I use Facebook mainly to keep in touch.

I have 904 friends in Facebook (shit that’s a lot, no, I’m not bragging)

No, I’m not the kind of the kind of person who accepts everyone. I think it’s because as a kid I changed schools a lot and I went for a lot of camps. So yeah.

I would say only a small group of them can be considered as “close”. About 50 maybe?
I have met about 850 of them? The rest are just friends of friends.

I prefer meeting face to face. Because of the obvious reasons. I mean let’s say you’re an online friend and I have never met you, you could tell me all the shit in the world and I’d have to choice but to believe it.

Oh and btw, no Twitter.

Thanks for reading
with love,


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