Monday, May 24, 2010

World of Communication

~Communication Medium~

The communication medium that I use the most including SMS,IM,Phone,Facebook,and Blog.

SMS - I use this medium when I'm away from any internet access,so I don't make it as my main medium for communicating with my friends. Some more, there are also friends of mine which I don't possess their number,which makes me harder to keep in contact with them. The advantage is it cost u less money for great comfort~ The disadvantage is that it is very easy to make a SMS without being noticed by others or even strayed focus to the surrounding. So this perfect disguise enable many students to text during classes and lectures which will definitely affects their concentration.

IM - Since most of the time I spent my time in front of the computer (during break especially), I always use YM-Yahoo Messenger to talk with my friends in a faster manner since YM don't really consumes internet bandwidth that much to begin with, and YM also allows several functions like photo sharing,file transfer and the most convenient is conference talk which allows us to talk with many of our friends simultaneously as if we're at the same place (yes,it is virtually though).

Phone - Well,this is the least use of medium for me... I rarely call people except my family and my close friends sometimes. As for others, I only call when there's a matter of great urgency (Usually during my study period only, I don't call any one since my break started to tell the truth). Phoning people costs us quite a fortune considering how long we'll be drifted in our conversations during the calling. Sometimes,it will also cause people addiction to chatting which will cause troubles like rising bill,disturbing people around you,and so on. Recently, there was an article where in a rented house lived by 4 students (women), there were 2 of them who were very addicted to phone which cause difficulty for other house mates to contact using the phone. These 2 also ran off without paying their expensive bills which caused the others to starve for the sake of saving money to pay the bills which weren't even made by them. These 2 fellows are really selfish and ignorant of others trouble all because of their addiction to phone. Let's pray not to meet any house mate like them,huhu~

Facebook (aka FB) - Now,this is a mean of staying in touch that I considered as the main. I often use it to contact with all of my friends whether I know them from my school or PLKN or PASUM. FB has made me easier to keep in touch with my old school mates who most of them are currently studying in middle east countries like Egypt and Jordan for various fields like Medicine,Dentistry,Pharmacy,and also Religious Studies such as Usuluddin,Syariah,and so on.
The function of recommendation let us help other friends to contact with others that we believe that they know as well,which makes FB as a never-be-alone medium~ Besides,there are also entertainment like quiz,games,etc which entertain us indefinitely~ Definitely FB is a phenomena that no one can escape from nowadays~ I believe so,huhu~ FB also helped me in developing my social skill especially when there were some people I've never talk to in real life,but in FB,the case is different~ :) The dark side of FB is firstly, it doesn't assure you complete privacy as it was reported that if we search for our name in google, it will lead to our profile in FB,which indicates lack in privacy for FB users. Secondly, FB allows some controversial group to be made and stay active and unbanned even though the group obviously cause madness for some of the ethics in FB and here, I'm focusing on the group "Everybody Draw Muhammad Day" (Na'uzubillah hi min zalik). They clearly show disrespect and insult to Muslim all around the world,yet they are left freely for the sake of the right to voice! This is bullshit and I'm not going to accept that bloody-hellish right! Sorry to use foul language here,but that group deserve every single nasty,foul,bad language on earth!

Blog - Actually,since this is my first time doing blog,I'm still considering whether to continuously involve in this blogging medium or let it ended by today. I love doing blog because it allows me to voice out my thought and opinion on various things just like what I'm doing right now, but it's also tiring to do this tedious typing and I prefer watching anime and drama over typing for blog, honestly, which is the reason I always submit my post last minute in this blog,hehe~ So, I'll see later if there's anything worthwhile to be made blog about~ The negative part of blogging? Well, maybe too open for people to voice their opinion? I am afraid that the probability (there goes my math mind~ XD) of people making a blog just like the group in FB isn't zero and although I haven't yet to see that kind of blog, I believe it is some where sneaking in the dark side of blog,huhu~

~Facebook in My Life~

Since I have been using FB,my life has gotten better and I don't feel that lonely anymore even if I'm at home all the time. FB allows me to talk with my friends to cure my loneliness which is something I'm very happy to tell you guys..huhu... In FB,I have almost 600 friends,but I don't think there are people who I even know them nor talk with them since not every one actives in FB. Still, I classify my friends in a type of list that enable me to immediately identify where I might meet them so that I will not forget those who I have never spoken to but I often see them. There is probability that in FB,I'll speak to that person when my mood is very high to socialize at that particular time (well,it's not something that always happen, but better than nothing though~) and this will increase my bond with people~ There are also people I don't even know them but they still add me or vice versa, and so I categorize them as others for the sake of simplicity~ In FB,it's true that there's an application called My BFF (Best Friends Forever) that allows us to classify further people that are close to us, but I personally think that it will hurt others feeling if they consider us as their close friends,but we don't.. So,I decided not to use that application,but still,there are people who I consider as my real close friends and to make use of percentage, I'll say it is about 15%-20% of my total friends who are actually my close friends, huhu~ As for how many of them I have never met before, that would be approximately 30-40% of my friends because I add people infinitely if they are of the same school or university with me~ Honestly, I prefer to meet people face-to-face for the first time so that I can actually get the so-called whole first impression on that person and that's very important so that we can predict how well are we going to befriend with that individual.

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